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Senior Independent Living Facility

Situated close to shopping, banking and recreational activities, Knollwood Place offers a distinct “neighborhood” feel. There’s always something to do or someone to visit with at “KPA.”


Ackerberg Sholom West

Sholom has been dedicated to honoring our fathers and mothers for over 100 years, the Ackerberg Family Sholom West Campus continues that proud tradition!

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Independent Living with Sholom

As a people we tend to take our independence and freedom as a given, but age and ill health can throw a wrench in the best laid plans. Living alone in the old family home can seem like the only option, or the best option for most of us, but at times, it can be a dangerous one. This is especially true when coupling a deteriorating health situation with a house ill-equipped to accommodate the various challenges caused by old age and/or disabilities, such as stairs and bathrooms that are not set up to deal with mobility impairment.

In such cases, people are faced with limited options, and feel they must join an assisted living community against their will, sacrificing privacy and independence for security and health. That does not need to be the case. At Sholom, we have a solution for those who wish to experience the peace of mind of a well-adapted living environment, while maintaining their independent life habits.

Independent Senior Living

Independent senior living offers an innovative compromise. It comes in the form of well-appointed homes and apartments, studied and adapted to maximize the living experience, and set to remove any live-in hazards. They are well positioned and close to all the essential amenities, including supermarkets, banks, and recreational activities.

Residents opting for our senior independent living apartments can count on stress-free quality living. Our one bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are easily cleaned and maintained. Our services provide for complimentary breakfast buffet Monday through Friday, cutting down on the time needed to prepare the early morning meal.

Additional Amenities at Our Senior Independent Living Facilities

Sholom provides residents of our independent living facilities with essential transportation to and from recreational activities, as well as doctors’ appointments. This is not only a practical service, but also an essential tool for creating extra time for our residents. Managing the transportation and logistics involved in any outing can be exhausting and time consuming. We deal with the minutiae, so our residents can concentrate on living life to the fullest.

Another essential feature, which makes senior independent living attractive, is companionship and social interaction. The idea, of course, is to maintain our clients’ privacy and independence while providing essential human interaction and social outings. We provide for this directly and indirectly by setting up a full calendar of activities, such as trips, outings, and concerts geared towards improving our residents experience and providing leisure. They also create the opportunity for residents to increase their social interactions as well as expand their circle of friends.

Other essential services provided for in our comprehensive package include complementary laundry facilities, so our residents do not have to waste their time or risk life and limb dealing with this regular and essential chore. 

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Of course, there are many other complementary services in our independent living package such as complimentary, internet (not for streaming), a computer center, and satellite TV. Whatever your living needs and wants, Sholom is ready to help you find the best independent living experience available. Contact us and let us show you what we can offer you.

Our family would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Sholom staff for the care and compassion that was provided to our father/grandfather while he was at Sholom. We are truly appreciative to all the individuals who offered care, compassion, company, an extra smile or a tender touch to our father. We are truly appreciative to all who routinely addressed him with understanding and patience. Although our father has been gone for some time now, our memories and our gratitude remain strong. Thank you.

Stuart & Neil B

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