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Sholom, in partnership with our community, supports adults in need across the continuum of care, to live life fully where all are welcome.

With more than 100 years of service, Sholom offers campus-based programs in Minneapolis/St. Louis Park and St. Paul as well as community-based services across the metro area.

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At Sholom, we are a talented team of top-notch healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional care for our residents.

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Ideal employees for Sholom are highly motivated individuals who are passionate about providing services in a warm and caring manner. At Sholom, you can make a true difference in our seniors’ lives.

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Sholom offers many services for seniors. Please click on the links below to learn more or check out our virtual brochure Sholom is a non-profit organization providing a broad continuum of residential, social service and health care services primarily for older adults.

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How to Prevent Social Isolation in Seniors

How to Prevent Social Isolation in Seniors

Loneliness raises the risk of death by 26%. What makes that statistic more concerning is that half a million older people go five to six days without seeing or talking to anyone.
Many older citizens aren’t experiencing enough human contact throughout their week. That means it’s essential to do what we can to prevent social isolation in seniors.
Keep reading to learn about some of the options of activities for isolated seniors to potentially increases their lifespan and quality of life!

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The Benefits of Gentle Yoga Stretches for Seniors

The Benefits of Gentle Yoga Stretches for Seniors

Some people might believe that yoga is only beneficial for young people that can bend themselves into impossible contortions. However, there are many low-impact yoga stretches for seniors that can help them improve their balance and stay active. These positions can be easily modified to accommodate a variety of physical limitations.

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