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Sholom, in partnership with our community, supports adults in need across the continuum of care, to live life fully in a Jewish environment where all are welcome. With more than 100 years of service, Sholom offers campus-based programs in Minneapolis/St. Louis Park and St. Paul as well as community-based services across the metro area.

Recent Blog Articles

National Caregivers' Day

Across the nation dedicated health care professionals serve those who require long-term or hospice care.  National Caregivers' Day honors those men and women dedicated to providing these vital…

Financial Management Tips for Seniors Who Just Lost a Spouse

**This guest blog was written and submitted by Lucille Rosetti from The Bereaved .** The loss of a spouse is more than just a devastating emotional experience for seniors. Not only are they left…

The Benefits of Volunteering

Many of today's senior living communities, like Sholom, rely strongly on volunteers to create meaningful activities and programs for their residents. Volunteers are a vital part of the community…

How to Ensure Long-Term Care Needs Are Met

**This guest blog was written by Lydia Chan from Alzheimer’s Caregiver ** When you look to the future, what are your thoughts about long-term care? While it’s not a pleasant topic, many seniors end up…

A Faith-Based Retirement Community

For many people, religion is a lifelong commitment that doesn’t retire. This is why, for many seniors looking for care facilities, religion plays a factor in their choice. Many want to stay connected…

Sholom Announces Additional Safety & Security Upgrades!

Sholom Safety and Security By Barbara Klick, CEO and Andrea Horvath, Director of Rehabilitation and Wellness The safety and security of our residents, tenants, clients and employees are a top…


Sholom offers many services for seniors. Please click on the links below to learn more or check out our virtual brochure Sholom is a non-profit organization providing a broad continuum of residential, social service and health care services primarily for older adults and within a Jewish environment.

Assisted Living

Our Assisted Living Residences feature warm, timeless décor in a neighborhood setting on our beautiful campuses.

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Short Term Rehabilitation

Specialized short term care for many of Sholom’s clients lasts fewer than 30 days.

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Hospice Care

Sholom recognizes that every person facing a life limiting diagnosis deserves to live with respect and dignity.

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Home Care

Home Health Care that comes to where you live!

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HUD Subsidized Housing

Sholom is pleased to offer HUD supported senior apartments as one of many options in senior housing.

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