Celebrating the Holiday Season Virtually: Advice from Our Crystal, MN Senior Living Experts

Home for the holidays has meant something else these last couple years. Fewer than two in five Americans plan on attending holiday gatherings with more than ten people in. 

It might not be safe to gather in person just yet, but you can still celebrate the holiday season with your loved ones in a meaningful way. 

What are some experiences you can share with your family? What are interactive activities you can do? What should you talk to your family members about? 

Let our senior living experts in Crystal show you how you can create a festive holiday season with only a little effort by going virtual.

Cook Together

The holiday season is a time for delicious food. If you know a lot about cooking, you can lead a cooking lesson for your younger relatives over video chat. You go step-by-step through a recipe, asking your audience to re-enact what you are doing. 

Try to find recipes that speak to the happy holiday season. Cookies are easy for children and adults to make. Roasted meat and potatoes offer a hearty meal, especially on cold nights.

Open Presents 

Conducting a gift swap is a great way to spread holiday cheer. Mail a few presents, and of course receive some in return. Each of you can then open up your presents for all to see over your video chat. 

Find gifts for people that they will use in their daily lives around Crystal. A kitchen utensil or an appliance are good ideas. You can also give books, especially to children.  

Schedule a Movie Night 

You can find all sorts of movies for the seasons and holidays. There are a number of movies that are shown every year around this time, or you can pick one that not everyone has seen before.

You can stream a movie through videoconferencing software. You can also watch a movie at the same time as other participants. 

Play Some Games

You can play many games in a virtual gathering. One person can lay out a board game in front of their camera. They can then make the moves of the other players for them. It will be just like you are all together in your living room in Crystal. 

You can also use software that will enable you to all play games at once. One person needs to own the software, but you can then share links in an email. 

Talk to Each Other

The simplest thing you can do is have a conversation with each other. At a minimum, take an opportunity to wish each other happy holidays. 

Feel free to express what you all have been thankful for. You can also gather ideas for future holiday season occasions. You can ask your parents about their lives and learn more about your family history. 

Celebrate the Holiday Season in Crystal the Right Way

You can spend time with your family this holiday season, even if you have to do so virtually. Cooking together is a great way to build camaraderie and skills. 

Each of you can open a present and express your thanks for the gift. If you prefer something more relaxing, you can watch a movie. 

You can play many different games, including video games, but the most profound thing you can do is have a conversation. Share memories and the family history with each other. 

Keep your family members comfortable during the pandemic. Sholom provides great elder care for its residents in the Crystal area. Contact us today.