Nursing Home Care

Seniors have a variety of needs, some unique to their age or condition, and some merely day-to-day. While typical needs can be taken care of by assisted living facilities (or even living independently at home), more significant needs and problems are addressed by a different kind of facility, the nursing home. 

What Sets Sholom Nursing Homes Apart

Nursing homes have skilled, licensed nurses on staff and present, not just on call, which may not be the case in assisted living facilities. As such, nursing homes are able to handle a larger variety of treatments and programs than in an assisted living facility, but not as wide of a range as a hospital. 

The presence of a registered nurse (RN) in a nursing home is required by law. There may also be licensed practical nurses (LPNs) or certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Additionally, depending on the programs and therapies offered by the facility, there might be physical therapists, psychologists, dieticians, or occupational therapists on hand.

A good nursing home may overlap the functions of a hospital in some ways, like occupational therapy physical therapy, or language therapy. In each case, the therapies are designed to help residents recover from accidents or illnesses, and to help with cognitive changes. Additionally, memory care (dementia care) can be provided. Thus, residents may receive therapy to help them live independently.

Nursing Home Care

Ackerberg Sholom West

Sholom has been dedicated to honoring our fathers and mothers for over 100 years, the Ackerberg Family Sholom West Campus continues that proud tradition!

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Conveniently located near Saint Paul’s Highland Park neighborhood, the Rossy and Richard Shaller Family Campus – Sholom East offers a full-range of senior housing options and services – just blocks from the picturesque Mississippi River.

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Common Nursing Home Questions

Can a nursing patient be cared for at home?

Generally, no, though it is possible some can improve to the point they could be sent home. 

Do nursing homes function as long-term care facilities? 

Yes, for some people. There are nursing home residents who stay for five or more years. However, there are even more who stay fewer than 100 days. This is because 100 days is the maximum period that Medicare covers. Relatedly, for nursing homes to receive payment through Medicare, they must comply with federal and state laws governing their operations. However, it would be inaccurate to classify a nursing home as a Medicare nursing home, even if it is one of the more common forms of payment. It is more appropriate to state a particular nursing home accepts Medicare payments.

What to Expect from a Nursing Home

Within a nursing home there is a certain routine, and also a basic level of care that is provided to the residents. Housekeeping is generally done by staff, and can include cleaning and changing bedding, vacuuming rugs and floors, laundry, disinfecting bathrooms, cleaning furniture, and dusting. Thus, cleanliness is uniform and consistent, and that burden is removed from the resident. Routine medical care is also organized, so medicines are dispensed regularly as needed, and monitored by certified, licensed professionals.

As with modern thinking about elderly care, nursing homes provide support and treatment in a holistic manner, for the entire person. So, besides satisfying bodily needs, mind and spirit are also attended to. Recreational staff is present at nursing homes to plan and execute activities. This can meet emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social needs. A wide variety of activities is necessary to prevent or ameliorate depression, which can develop when someone leaves home, especially for good, where they are now dependent on others for most things.

Activities can include events where family members attend, like birthday parties, or anniversaries. Other activities can be done as groups with other residents at the facility, including exercise, art, and religious services. Group activities are also enjoyed outside the facility, like shopping trips or dining out.

It should be noted that all of Sholom’s nursing homes observe all Covid-19 precautions during the current pandemic.

 Sholom Can Help You Today

Modern nursing homes destroy the old-fashioned stereotype of a bland, sterile, and drab existence within. Rather, a fulfilling and enjoyable life can be available to residents for as long as they need it. Nursing homes have gotten somewhat of a bad reputation over the years, but nowadays they are the perfect place for an elderly person to live out their remaining years, especially if their medical needs are great. Contact Sholom today if you would like to learn more about the benefits of nursing home facilities.