Aquatic Therapy

Warm water therapy has been shown to be beneficial for a wide variety of diagnoses and conditions

Sholom’s Aquatic Therapy Service

Sholom supports adults in need of continuum care. Because we are in partnership with the community, we are there for everyone, especially those who wish to live out their senior years. We know a lot about adult day care, as we have been in the business of helping those in need for over 100 years. One of the programs we offer is aquatic therapy for seniors.

What Aquatic Therapy Can Do for You

One of the offerings within our adult day programming is aquatic therapy, because we believe in helping seniors to their fullest through emotional support and physical assistance for all their healthcare issues. When we focus on mind, body, and spirit, the benefits include:

  • Wellness Programs
  • Socializing
  • Individualized Programming
  • Health Monitoring

What do I need to provide prior to starting Aquatic Therapy?

  • Referral from your doctor – drop off at our location or fax to (651)328-2178
  • Insurance Information


The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Seniors

Who can benefit from aquatic therapy the most? Anyone who suffers with edema, those with pain from functional activities, weight-bearing restricted clients, comorbidities (obesity, joint discomfort, etc.), and so much more.

Our therapeutic pool settings are designed with the older population in mind. Here you will enjoy:

  • Water warmed to a comfortable 94 degrees
  • Aquatic therapy from licensed professionals
  • Easy ramp access
  • Changing rooms and large private showers
  • Pool can be used for fitness or therapy

If you have been looking for ways to increase your independence due to chronic illness or disability, warm water therapy is one of the best ways to do so. Under the watchful eye of your doctor, the benefits of aquatic therapy for seniors can be uplifting. Because aquatic physical therapy can be used for any number of conditions, benefits to you are many and include relief with:

  • Back or neck problems
  • Stroke
  • Arthritis
  • Joint replacement
  • Chronic pain
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Neurological conditions

If aquatic therapy is something you want in your life, all you need to provide is a referral from your doctor and your insurance information. You will want to bring your swimsuit or other clothes that are comfortable for the pool. Each aquatic therapy session is 45 minutes long.

Every initial aquatic therapy session is 90 minutes long. Half of that time is on land and the second half is in the water. You will be enjoying the warm water relief of a pool with depths between 3 – 5 feet and there is an aquatic wheelchair if needed. Once the sessions conclude, you are free to shower and retrieve your belongings from the locker room.

Aquatic therapy has been shown to benefit so many people all with a wide variety of diagnoses and conditions. We offer campus-based programs in Minneapolis / St. Louis Park and St. Paul, and we have additional community-based programs throughout the metro area.

Allows for a Non-Pharmacological Approach to Pain Management

An unfortunate reality around the country is the increasing dependence on pharmaceutical drugs. You can hardly watch any television at all without seeing ads for a new miracle drug, showing people happily going about their day, while a fast-talking deep voice lists side effects that are sometimes worse than the pain you are trying to gain relief from. With that in mind, there are several alternatives to medication that you can explore for pain management. One of those is aquatic therapy.

There are a number of reasons why someone would need pain medication, and we certainly do not want to downplay any suffering that an individual might go through. However, if there was a way to receive the same result of your pills, without the side effects that go along with it, you would be crazy to not at least explore your options. With the costs of prescription medication seemingly rising each year, you might want to do your research sooner rather than later.

Aquatic therapy is a fantastic way to help relieve pain, especially in the joints, without the need of pharmaceuticals. The water is soothing on your body, and because it naturally displaces your weight, it takes pressure off your joints. If you have pain in your back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, or any joint in between, aquatic therapy can help manage it accordingly. Furthermore, non-pharmacological pain management strategies have been proven to help maintain appetite, increase mood and awareness, and allow you to sleep better. All of these benefits help your body heal at a more rapid pace.

One thing that any competent doctor will tell you is that they would prefer any patient take a non-pharmacologic route, if there is an option available, as opposed to their patient taking medication. Exploring aquatic therapy as an alternative to pain medication will not cost you anything but could end up saving you a bunch in the long run.

Caring for Your Aging Loved One with Sholom

At Sholom, all of our services are designed for you. We offer residential, social service, and health care services, primarily for older adults. When you are a part of Sholom, you will enjoy our programs for assisted living, short-term rehab, outpatient rehabilitation, hospice and home care.

Our professionals are licensed and qualified in helping you back to your former self. Coming through surgery or recovering from an injury or illness is hard enough. Let Sholom guide you back to better living within your faith. Contact us to learn more about our aquatic therapy programs for seniors.