Woodworking for Seniors: Find Your Inspiration

**This guest blog was written and submitted by Robert Johnson from Sawinery.**

You’re retired. So, now what? You’ll have many hours ahead and they should be used in a great way. If you are looking for something to get you energized and satisfied, a new vocation or a hobby is a great start. What we will discuss is woodworking.

When we think about woodworking, many benefits can be emphasized. One of them is that this hobby can become a real job. In this case, we have many people starting woodworking and converting it into a full-time job. Another benefit is the nature of the woodworking process. There are many ups and downs, it makes us sweat, but also makes us happy and it gives value and brings us to a new dimension of creation. As with all creative jobs, the energy that stays after finishing every piece is something people live for.

Many people have found happiness in woodworking, and a new fresh start in retirement with it can bring a lot of joy and unexpected happenings.

Here is how woodworking can help you find a new purpose during retirement and be a great inspiration.

Relax and Exercise (at the same time)

The many possibilities woodworking gives us, we can only feel and experience if we do it. Many carpenters say that just smelling a piece of fresh wood can be relaxing and promising. The process of making a new piece requires concentration on work and brings up problems and everyday thoughts. After the efforts we make while woodworking the feeling of positivity and relaxation quickly overtakes the negativity. What is interesting is that the nature of woodworking is setting it up as a sort of exercise, since it involves physical activity, not just mental. Some research has shown that carpenters can burn 100 calories in an hour, so taking that into consideration, woodworking can be a healthy option.

Entertain Your Grandchildren

Having free time in retirement is always a great chance to spend time with grandchildren, taking them to the movies or to playgrounds. It’s also a great chance for you to involve them as little helpers in a woodworking shop. Creating new stuff is something that children get inspired with, and they don’t mind being covered in dust or being dirty from head to toe. If your grandchildren and toddlers are making a colorful, wooden toy it will make them happy.

Make Useful Furniture for Your Family and Friends

Considering new furniture is a great stimulus to start working. Imagine that you can make a craft shelf for your laundry room or a new bookshelf for your family book collection. This is a great motivation and in spite the fact it requires certain involvement in woodworking, it definitely shows that everything is possible.

Also, doing woodworking at home for your own satisfaction can make a positive impact on your surroundings and you can make your friends and family happy with wooden presents and motivate them to start the same or a similar journey. A great example of leadership is always showing people on your own path what can be achieved. So, it’s never too late to find your inspiration in woodworking and inspire others to seek their paths.