Winter Activities for Seniors

Getting outside for some winter activities is great for your mental and physical health, even when it’s cold.

Plus, it stops you from feeling cooped up indoors for weeks or maybe even months on end.

There are some specific precautions to take, but once you’ve managed those, there are plenty of fun outdoor winter activities to enjoy.

Safety First

Wear multiple layers of loose clothes. The air between clothing layers will help keep you warm. Also, remember to wear a hat as most body heat is lost through the head.

Choose appropriate footwear. The ground could be slippery or uneven, and you want to avoid any slips or trips.

Don’t venture out alone where possible. If you are going out on your own, make sure you stay contactable and that someone knows where you’re going.

Outdoor Winter Activities to Try

Once you’ve taken care of safety, the outdoors is yours to enjoy.

Here are three great options to get you outside and moving.

Go for a Walk

Walking allows you to work on your joint strength, aerobic fitness, and endurance while keeping you mobile and feeling independent.

You could walk around indoors, but a fresh walk outside is known to have a positive impact on your mood.

Prepare Your Garden for Spring

Fruit and flowers might not grow that well in winter, but you can start to plan for spring instead.

Winter is a great time to start planting small trees or shrubs that will grow and bloom in warmer months.

Family Time

Time outdoors building snowmen and making snowballs can be fun for kids and adults of any age.

If you don’t enjoy walking or other types of exercise, this is a great way to stay active too.

Additionally, if it doesn’t snow, there will probably still be plenty of leaves on the ground to make up for it.

For a more relaxed option, sitting around a campfire can be a fun way to stay warm outdoors, relax, and enjoy family time all together.

Indoor Winter Activities to Keep You Occupied

If you’re staying indoors there are plenty of ways to still enjoy the season without the bracing cold.

You can still be active, and you can still try something new.

Cooking or Baking

Winter is a great time to try some new recipes.

It will keep you warm, it will let you explore your creative side, and it will stop you from sitting too long as you’ll be on your feet more.


You can try a new low-impact exercise class or go swimming in a heated pool.

Exercise becomes more important for your health as you get older, so instead of staying seated, winter is the ideal time to do something that your body will appreciate.

Join a Book Club

You can start reading any time, but a book club will give you some direction, it will help exercise the brain and will give you a new chance to socialize with others.

Staying indoors can make it easy to get bored and feel isolated so keeping the brain active and staying social is especially important.

Try Something New This Winter

It’s easy to see winter weather as holding you back.

Instead, if you look at it as an opportunity to try something new, like one of these winter activities you could be feeling happier and healthier by the time you get to spring.

If you’d like to know more about how our assisted living can help you stay healthy and active throughout winter, contact us today.