When Is Short-Term Care the Right Decision?

When a loved one gets to the point where they can’t take care of themselves, most people grudgingly go to a facility that can help them, but also still allow them a bit of freedom in their everyday lives. There are many different types of facilities that can handle many different types of needs. There are short and long-term care facilities, hospice care, memory care and assisted living facilities just to name a few. When selecting a facility, the type of care needed tops the list and that is typically followed by location. When people are selecting a facility based on the care it provides, they typically just focus on what they need now and what they are likely to need in the future based on their specific illness or needs.

Not all nursing home residents require long-term care. Illness or injury may leave a senior in need of temporary support. Physical therapy and medication management are available on site, helping to speed up the healing process. More comfortable and relaxed than a hospital, and offering 24-hour medical support, a nursing home can be an excellent option for convalescence. Short-term care is a popular, cost-saving option for residents who will transition back to their own homes after surgery, illness, or injury. So, what happens if an unforeseen problem, like an injury, comes up and that facility isn’t equipped to deal with it? Your loved one is forced to go elsewhere for the care they need and this can open up a whole new set of challenges.

Do You Move Them to a New Facility for Good?

Not likely, since you just moved them into their current facility and even though at first, they were against the idea of moving into such a place; now they are used to it, have made friends and don’t want to move anywhere else again.

Instead, consider a short-term care option. We understand that home is where you make it and there’s no place better. That’s why we like to think of our short-term rehabilitation program more like a partnership program with other facilities. It is designed to offer specialized services and therapies for people recovering from surgery or other illnesses that require additional care before they return home. Regardless if home for them is a house or another care facility.

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