We Are Pleased to Announce Our Award for Best Place to Work

We are extremely honored and humbled to announce that the 2021 Sun Media Readers’ Choice publication has granted us the award of Best Place to Work. With all of our facilities, we strive to create an environment that is welcoming and rewarding for both our residents and staff members. This award truly shows how grateful we are to have the staff we do. Without them, our whole operation would not work.

Along with the community that we work in, our senior care facilities do everything we can to help seniors have a place they can live, thrive, and get the care that they need in a variety of different ways, from Aquatic Care to Respite Care to Independent Senior Living. We have been in service to the community for over 100 years, and we are proud to welcome any senior in distress all across the Minneapolis metro area. Our services are varied and are proven to help increase quality of life. Whether it is long term care, or something more immediate, our staff is more than capable of giving you the care that you deserve.

In addition to the Best Place to Work award, our Ackerberg Family West Campus was recognized as being the Top Company for Hospice Care in St. Louis Park. Hospice Care is an important service that centers around the final six months of a person’s life. When a care plan is put in place, our Hospice team can make sure the quality of life of the person in our care is the best that it possibly can be. Often, a person needs more than just medical support at the end of their life. Sometimes emotional or even spiritual support is also necessary. If we can help make someone’s end of life just a little bit better, we are going to do everything we can to make it happen. Hospice is not just a service to us; we feel it is our calling.

We are so humbled to be recognized for what we do, and we cannot overstate how much it means to us and how blown away we are to be working with such amazing people, both our residents and our staff members. We do our best to create a family, and while that might be a cliché for businesses to say, for us it is the absolute truth. We could not even operate as a company without the care our staff provides, let alone be in the running for awards. If you would like to join our team or think we would be a great place for your senior loved one, please contact us today and discuss your options. At Sholom we emphasize care, compassion, and community, and we would love to be able to spread those ideals to you. Thank you to everyone who has gotten us to where we are today!