Tips for a Smooth Transition into Assisted Living in the Minneapolis Area

Assisted living is the best of both worlds. It is where a senior individual is able to maintain their independence, while receiving quality health and personal care, and be able to lead an active social life. At Sholom, our enhanced assisted living provides our residents both the privacy and peace of mind they deserve.

A large number of elderly Americans are choosing assisted living options. Currently, there are around one million people living in assisted living facilities in the United States, including in the Minneapolis area.

While assisted living comes with a wide range of benefits, making the move to senior housing can take some time. Here, we highlight some tips for a smooth transition into assisted living.

Take Time to Settle In

Moving to a new place and environment is always going to present challenges. Perhaps most of all it, will feel a little strange at first. The new surroundings can be a lot to take in, especially if your loved one has lived in their Minneapolis area home for many decades.

It’s important to give them time to settle in and allow them to slowly become accustomed to everything. This process can take a few months but, with time, they’ll start feeling right at home.

Bring Items from Home

When your senior loved one makes the move to an assisted living apartment, it helps to furnish it with items from their old home.

Items like photographs, artwork, books, and other decorations can make the transition from one home to another less daunting. These items play a big part in creating an environment that they are familiar and comfortable with.

Visits from Family Members

One of the great joys of life is spending time with family members. When your senior loved one moves to an assisted living apartment, it is great for them when family members visit and help settle them into their new home.

Many elderly people suffer from social isolation. If you have a family member in assisted living, make it a priority to support them during their transition phase.

Get Them Familiar with the Available Activities

One of the great benefits of assisted living is the opportunity to partake in the many activities that are available to residents.

Making new friends and keeping active is a great way to make the transition of moving go more smoothly. Check out the schedule of activities and help your senior loved one pick some of their favorite activities, as well as some new ones too.

Ask Other Residents for Tips and Advice

Neighbors will be a great resource for your senior loved one, and they can lean on their support and advice during the moving transition. Ask them how they coped with the move and see what advice they have.

It’s likely that your senior loved one will meet some interesting people with whom they share interests. With that in mind, they can also learn about the benefits of independent living.

Make a Smooth Transition to Assisted Living in the Minneapolis Area

Our senior living options are a wonderful option for seniors wishing to maintain their independence while receiving excellent care and support. While the transition to assisted living can be difficult at first, the above advice will help to the transition for your senior loved one.

At Sholom, our enhanced assisted living Roitenberg Assisted Living Residence emphasizes personal dignity, independence, privacy, and freedom of choice. Contact our team today to learn more.