Three Benefits of Transitioning to Alzheimer’s Assisted Living Facilities Near Minnetonka, MN

Alzheimer’s is a debilitating and degenerative condition that affected 6.2 million Americans in 2021. If your loved one is experiencing Alzheimer’s in the Minnetonka area, you know how hard it can be to keep them comfortable and happy.

When you’re struggling to provide a good quality of life for your loved one, it’s time to consider looking into Alzheimer’s assisted living facilities. Are you ready to make that choice?

We want to help you feel comfortable with your decision. Learn three benefits of moving your loved one into a memory care facility to help enrich their lives. 

1. Enhanced Safety

When people develop dementia or Alzheimer’s, they start to become prone to wandering. This is a normal symptom, but it’s one that’s difficult for many family caregivers to manage on their own. Even professional home caregivers can struggle to keep elderly people safe when this symptom develops.

In memory care facilities for Alzheimer’s, there are more security features that prevent wandering. This way, seniors won’t hurt themselves by going out into the world unsupervised.

People with Alzheimer’s also often forget to take their medications. This can be life-threatening. In a dementia care facility, there’s always someone nearby to remind the senior to take their medication and to help in the event of a medical emergency.

The senior citizen in your life will be safe and sound. 

2. An Accessible Environment

On the topic of safety, Alzheimer’s assisted living facilities are accessible environments. 

In a standard Minnetonka area home, you can introduce accessibility features, but it can be expensive. Installing rails to help your senior walk and blocking off stairs often isn’t enough to create a safe and comfortable environment for someone who is struggling with dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

A nursing home is accessible by default. These facilities have unique (but simple) layouts to prevent confusion, there are plenty of mobility aids, and there are no accessible steep stairs that seniors could fall down. 3 million seniors receive emergency care for fall injuries per year, so this enhanced accessibility makes a huge difference.

3. Enrichment Activities 

There is no way to reverse Alzheimer’s, but in a memory care facility, professionals can provide enrichment activities that may slow its progress and enhance the senior’s quality of life. 

At home, it’s hard to give the elderly loved one in your life adequate stimulation. Even full-time home caregivers don’t always have the proper resources to offer enrichment to the people in their care.

At memory care facilities, professionals know how to enrich seniors’ lives to keep them alert and happy. 

Is Alzheimer’s Assisted Living Right for Your Loved One in the Minnetonka Area?

Making the choice to move your loved one into an Alzheimer’s assisted living facility isn’t easy. You might worry that you’re abandoning them, or that you’re not doing as much as you should when it comes to their care.

You should be assured that moving your elderly loved one into a memory care facility in the Minnetonka area is one of the most compassionate choices that you can make. They’ll receive top-notch care, enrichment, and an accessible environment that can keep them safe. 

If you’re ready to move your loved one into a memory care facility, our team at Sholom wants to help. Contact us for more information today.