The Value of Community Engagement: How Independent Living Enriches Lives

The number of people turning 65 this decade in Minnesota is higher than in the last four decades combined. Senior living communities in St. Paul are in high demand, with more people reaching this milestone age. However, not all communities offer the same experience and level of service. 

Before choosing, consider the difference between independent living vs. assisted living. Look for a community that can offer the right combination of social enrichment and living assistance. 

What Is St. Paul Independent Living?  

Senior independent living communities in St. Paul MN offer residents various housing options with plentiful community spaces. This encourages community engagement you wouldn’t otherwise get living in a standard neighborhood. Residents enjoy private living areas with plenty of planned social activities. 

What Is St. Paul Assisted Living? 

Assisted living communities in St. Paul offer private housing with an increased level of assistance. Caregivers are nearby and available to help if needed. Residents may receive assistance with personal care, medication, or other life tasks. 

Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

While independent and assisted living communities in St. Paul MN sound similar, their distinctions are crucial. As we age, our needs can vary greatly and change over time. A community that offers both can provide stability and comfort throughout the senior years. 

How Independent Living in St. Paul Enriches Lives 

Independent living communities in St. Paul MN that offer enrichment programs are ideal. Enrichment opportunities provide benefits that aid in living a long, happy, and healthy life. Look for a community that provides three types of enrichment, social, physical, and mental.  


Moving into an independent living community in St. Paul can feel life-altering and stressful. You leave behind a familiar home and community for a completely new one. This can feel isolating as you lose proximity to old connections. 

A social enrichment program aids in establishing new connections. This helps residents develop new relationships, so they feel socially fulfilled. These are some common social enrichment programs. 

  • Bingo 
  • Book club 
  • Movie night
  • Dances 
  • Board games 


Living a sedentary life creates a slippery slope for physical problems. If you do not use your muscles, you lose them. So, a physical enrichment program helps residents stay healthy by encouraging them to move. 

Physically active residents have better balance for smoother mobility and reduced risk of falls. Popular physical enrichment programs could be these activities.

  • Group exercise 
  • Dancing 
  • Yoga
  • Gardening 
  • Walking


Mental enrichment programs encourage residents to use reasoning, cognitive, and memory skills. This improves the mood for greater life enjoyment.

They also “exercise” the brain to maintain mental sharpness. This helps residents maintain a sense of independence through confidence-building activities. These low-impact physical activities are popular in independent living communities. 

  • Listening to Music 
  • Crafts
  • Puzzles 
  • Pet therapy 
  • Writing

Find the Right Senior Community in St. Paul

If you or a loved one is reaching the senior years, it is time to consider the future. When comparing independent living vs. assisted living, think about specific care needs. A high-quality, independent living community in St. Paul MN will offer plenty of social events for quality-of-life enrichment. 

Explore our campuses to find the perfect senior living setting for your loved one.