The Major Benefits of Home Health Care for Seniors in St. Paul

As they say, home is where the heart is. The biggest advantage of home health care for seniors is the ability for the elderly to continue independent living in their own St. Paul area home, where they feel most comfortable, relaxed, and have many fond memories.

Home care in the United States is widely popular. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than 4.5 million people who receive home health care across the country.

Many older people fear moving to a nursing home as they feel that they will lose their independence. In this post, we will highlight some of the major benefits of senior home care and why it is preferable for many seniors.

Continuing Living at Their St. Paul Area Home

As we have highlighted, the ability to continue living at home as we age is something that many of us desire. Our homes have special meaning to us, particularly given that they are typically the most expensive purchase made during our lifetimes.

Our homes are familiar and comfortable, not to mention that many senior people have pets that offer tremendous support and companionship. Moving away from home can put pet ownership at risk and, quite literally, have a damaging impact on health.

Receive Professional Care from Trained Nurses

Receiving professional health care while continuing to live at home is a win-win for us as we get older. As we age, our health needs change and many of us simply aren’t able to take full and proper care of ourselves. However, that doesn’t mean that full-time care is needed, as many elderly people simply require regular assistance.

A trained nurse can help to “fill in the gaps” with regards to a patient’s healthcare, such as helping with medications. Here at Sholom, we provide quality home care services.

Quality Companionship

Many seniors experience social isolation, with a limited number of friends and family members, and less opportunity to interact with others.

A home care nurse, in addition to other essential duties, is also able to provide emotional support and companionship. Maintaining our mental health is key to our overall health.

Fewer Health Issues as We Age

Someone who receives regular home care from a trained professional is less likely to experience health-related problems. A home care nurse is able to provide regular assessments of an individual’s health and offer advice in order to maintain good health.

Physical Therapy

As we grow older, it is essential that we continue to maintain a regular routine of exercise. While running marathons may not be a feature of senior living, regular exercise, such as stretching and walking, can have a marvelous impact on our overall health and well-being.

A home care nurse from Sholom can help to ensure a regular physical therapy schedule. This can be especially beneficial if recovering from surgery or an injury.

The Many Benefits of Senior Home Care in St. Paul

With senior home care, we are able to continue living at home while maintaining our independence, dignity, and regular quality of life.

Here at Sholom, we are committed to providing the highest degree of professional home care services to all we serve. Contact our team today to learn more.