The Celebration of Purim

Approach life with a buoyant attitude, light heart and unencumbered mind.  Let joy lift your spirit and fill each moment.” 
Message from InnerLinks Associates

I am grateful for the joyful spirit of Sholom.  Our spirit is the thread that holds us together in service of our mission and keeps us intact as individuals.

Music transcends all ages and lifts up staff and residents/tenants/clients alike.  We are fortunate to have many live music programs for entertainment at Sholom, music with worship, and music therapy tailored to our resident and tenant needs.

To help our residents and tenants with memory loss reconnect and unlock memories, we work with them and their family members to develop a personalized music playlist.  We then download the music onto iPods for their use.  This customized music has been effective for managing anxiety, improving cognitive function and shifting moods to include joy.

We also have music therapists that come to Sholom to work in both groups and 1:1 with our residents and tenants.  By using music, trivia and movement, they help to promote memory recall, socialization and life reflections.  One family member informed us that she can always tell when her Mother has met with the music therapist because she is more verbal.

We also have a wonderful Sholom therapist, Rachel, who captures the hearts of many with her beautiful music and spirit.  One family member calls her a special angel at Sholom.  She has an exceptional connection with our residents and tenants.

I have also sung with our residents during our karaoke hour that was led by Tom Checheris, our SHW Tenant Council President.  Lucky for us, that Tom has a beautiful voice and was able to carry us along!

Movement is motivated by music.  I experienced this first hand when I attended the Kairos Alive program.  This vivacious program (live band, singers and dancers) transform lives through participatory dance, music and story.  And everyone did dance!  It did not matter if you were in a wheelchair, used a walker or cane, were able bodied or sitting in a chair. It was a delightful party!

Music also accompanies many of our major life events and holds pleasant memories for us.  Many of us use music with worship.  Our own Rabbi Bell plays the guitar and sings during many of his services.  I am grateful for his many gifts to Sholom as well as the benefactors who support our music programs.  I hope you get to experience the vitality of life through Sholom’s musical offerings!

Barbara Klick