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Background Checks for Service Providers and Other Ways Sholom Works To Ensure High Standards and Enhanced Safety Measures

The safety of our tenants, residents and employees is a top priority!   Currently, all Sholom employees undergo a criminal background check prior to employment.   In an effort to further enhance our overall safety , Sholom will be requiring all contracted (non-Sholom employees) personal care service providers (PSPs)  to also undergo criminal background checks and verification of their certification and other quality measures.

This new safety measure will be effective within the next few months and we wanted to make you aware of this change.

PSP’s range from registered nurses to home health aides and from housekeepers to those providing companion care. PSPs who are contracted by individual residents are all subject to the same background checks and a checklist of other measures. This means:

  • Tenants electing to use Sholom-employees: You have the convenience of knowing all employees have been through a vigorous vetting process, including reference checks, finger printing, background checks, and all qualifications and certifications (if applicable) have been met.
  • For Sholom tenants choosing to personally hire PSPs, it will be their responsibility to work with the PSP to ensure they are insured, their license (if applicable) is verified, background checks, and other measures are met.  Documentation must be available upon request by a Sholom leadership team member.

Sholom is one of the few senior organization in the Twin Cities to require  mandatory background checks and certification verification for all PSPs.  We have modified our policy because Sholom residents/tenants deserve the best possible care – and this includes ensuring all residents can feel confident and comfortable that PSPs providing service in Sholom communities meet the high standards all Sholom residents have come to expect.

If you have questions, please contact your housing director for additional information.

Sincerely ,

Barbara Klick, Chief Executive Officer