Senior Living

Our 55+ Senior Living Residences feature warm décor in a neighborhood setting on our beautiful campuses

Senior Living Care

Many people have the idea that senior living, especially outside of the home, is a warehousing type of arrangement, where a person is placed inside a large, community residence in an impersonal environment. While horror stories existed, in modern times this could not be further from the truth.

Modern, progressive senior living communities have ample staff with a wide skill set to custom make the care given to each individual. That is part of what makes senior assisted living more than just bearable, but actually fulfilling. Another part of what makes senior housing at Sholom more than just surviving is the senior living apartments. They are modern, clean, bright, and well-appointed. Sholom senior living facilities are meant to give those 55 plus seniors living options for a good life.

55 Plus Senior Living Community

Of course, 55 and over senior living is not limited to 55 senior living communities. Sholom offers services to keep seniors in their homes, including hospice and home care. While we do offer a retirement community, our services do not stop at the borders of the senior assisted living facilities.

Our staff will devote the necessary energy and care to enriching the lives of the communities’ residents, but the residents are not the only ones whose lives can be improved. Respite care offers family caregivers a break from the stresses of helping with a senior family member’s home life. Thus, the family member can live temporarily in senior citizen housing at Sholom, or at home care can be provided to assist the family and reduce their workload, while keeping the senior family member at home.

Ackerberg Sholom West

Sholom has been dedicated to honoring our fathers and mothers for over 100 years, the Ackerberg Family Sholom West Campus continues that proud tradition!

3620 Phillips Parkway
St. Louis Park, MN 55426
Phone: (952) 935-6311

Menorah Plaza

Menorah Plaza offers 143 HUD supported one and two-bedroom units in addition to 12 specialized memory care units.

4925 Minnetonka Blvd
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Phone: (952) 653-3680

Giving Our Residents the Care They Need

Assistance at a Sholom retirement community is robust and includes advanced activities for improving existing physical strength and mobility, or rehabilitating someone who has had an accident, or an extended hospital stay. The community facilities help improve the resident’s mobility, independence, and overall health. Improving the quality of life for residents includes those with major, long-term conditions, like arthritis, stroke, joint replacement, and neurological deterioration.

Life for resident seniors does not be a stretch of monotonous days stretching to the horizon. Instead, activities and functions a person had at home can be preserved for residents. Residents can go into town to conduct business, see a movie, stop at the library, or go shopping. They do not have to fear being left alone at their residence, removed from community contact.

A resident’s life at Sholom can improve, compared to their previous life at home, simply due to what is available. Our staff is specifically trained, and has experience relating to seniors, offering the mental and emotional stimulation of companionship. This, in turn, can help with residents who have cognitive and emotional problems, stemming from inadequate contact and interaction. Our staff offers support physically, mentally, and even spiritually, as there are rabbis and chaplains available.

Let Sholom Help You with 55+ Senior Living

Life at Sholom is a holistic experience, as the whole person is cared for and nurtured. One’s development as a human being does not end when reaching a certain age or finding themselves living in certain circumstances. Family can still be part of a resident’s life, helping to make a strong foundation on which additional enrichment occurs, with the help of our staff. Family will be consulted and brought into participating in activities with the resident, for the maximum benefit. Quality of life is paramount, not just focusing on extending life.

Sholom is a progressive living community with strong, traditional, family-centered values. Your senior family member will receive the care they need, for the best part of their life. Contact us for more information on all of our 55+ senior living communities.

Just wanted to drop you a note, and, again thank you for everything you & your staff do for my mom. Nothing you guys do ever goes un-noticed. When a person lives to be old, like my mom, many challenges occur, almost daily, and that’s just the way things seem to go. It’s not easy on you guys, and, also on us. But, we’re grateful that God has granted her many years, and along with my family, we just try & smother her with love and attention each & everyday, just like you guys. Anyway, in a world where many times people only hear complaints, I just want to be the opposite, and tell you how grateful we are to everyone at The Sholom Home. Wishing you & your family a wonderful, safe Holiday Weekend.
Mary R

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