Assisted Living

Our Assisted Living Residences feature warm, timeless décor in a neighborhood setting on our beautiful campuses

Ackerberg Sholom West

Sholom has been dedicated to honoring our fathers and mothers for over 100 years, the Ackerberg Family Sholom West Campus continues that proud tradition!

Roitenberg Assisted Living Residence

3620 Phillips Parkway, St. Louis Park, MN 55426
Phone: (952) 935-6311

Shaller Sholom East

Conveniently located near Saint Paul’s Highland Park neighborhood, the Rossy and Richard Shaller Family Campus – Sholom East offers a full-range of senior housing options and services – just blocks from the picturesque Mississippi River.

Bentson Family Assisted Living Residence

740 Kay Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55102
Phone: (651) 328-2000

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Sholom’s Assisted Living Facilities

Live life in your own unique way at the Bentson Family Assisted Living Residence in St. Paul or Roitenberg Assisted Living Residence in St. Louis Park. Our apartment living community provides both the privacy and peace of mind you deserve.

Features & Benefits

  • 24/7 Licensed Staffing and emergency call systems
  • Catered Living Services (Housekeeping, Laundry, etc.)
  • Kosher Dining – all meals / snacks available
  • Family-style living rooms, sunrooms, gardens, and walking paths
  • Social and spiritual programming
  • On-site fitness center
  • On-site beauty and barbershop
  • Full calendar of activities, classes, and community events
  • Individualized 24-hour home care services through Sholom Home Care

Assisted Living Community at Sholom

Living life to the fullest in old age, or when suffering from a disability, can be challenging to say the least. Activities and chores that most of us take for granted are much harder to fulfill. This not only can lead to a steady decline in quality of life but can also become an emergency if left unresolved.

That is why assisted living can be a lifesaver for many Americans. Whether seniors or people suffering from disabilities, assisted living facilities can help maximize quality of life while increasing longevity and stimulate social interactions, combating social isolation at the root. At Sholom, our assisted living program can also be tailored to our resident’s specific needs.

Assisted Living Care for Seniors

This situation is for residents who suffer from healthcare issues. In this setting, professionals analyze the client’s health situation, then aim to reeducate the client to ensure greater mobility and increase autonomy.

Residential Assisted Living

This type of assisted living is tailored for seniors, or people who are either too vulnerable or unable to live alone, or indeed have had enough of solitude and prefer a more homey and inclusive living experience. Opting for residential assisted living can really increase social interactions, as well as provide a full range of activities that can help enrich the assisted living experience.

Assisted Living Apartments

Another popular option for residents who want the security and convenience of assisted living without sacrificing part of their privacy is assisted living apartments. At Sholom, we offer fully furnished apartments, designed for comfort and leisure, all strategically placed close to essential conveniences to maximize the living experience.


Assisted living entails a professional follow-up of all residents. Medical professionals are on call 24/7 to ensure that residents’ healthcare issues are being dealt with expeditiously. This also helps prevent any health issues from developing. Constant monitoring means that residents’ health can be safeguarded from deteriorating. Furthermore, the many activities tailored to residents’ need means that their health profiles tend to improve under assisted living.


Another plus of assisted living is maximizing the living experience. By taking care of many of the basic chores that people tend to do on their own, such as laundry, cleaning, shopping, and cooking, assisted living helps liberate residents’ time towards more worthwhile and enjoyable activities, such as group activities, visiting with families, and reading.


As previously stated, assisted living is a boon to residents who can finally have their health situation followed in a systematic and effective way, exponentially decreasing the chances of health deterioration while increasing longevity. Our trained staff is available seven days a week, and can intervene in any emergency, creating a safe house where residents can explore their lives in good health and security.

The many group and individual activities tailored independently for our residents will help improve their healthcare profile. They are more active, and their bodies react positively to the increase in physical activity.

Variation and Quality of Life

A varied calendar of activities helps residents move out of their routine and adds spice to life. This variation not only makes for happier residents but helps stimulate minds as well as bodies. It is this moving out of a dreary routine that helps revive resident’s interests and allows them to rediscover themselves.

If you are interested in utilizing one of the many assisted living facilities offered by Sholom, do not hesitate to contact us today. We pride ourselves in doing everything we can to help our senior clients live the life they want to live in a safe environment, and we can help you too.

Just wanted to drop you a note, and, again thank you for everything you & your staff do for my mom. Nothing you guys do ever goes un-noticed. When a person lives to be old, like my mom, many challenges occur, almost daily, and that’s just the way things seem to go. It’s not easy on you guys, and, also on us. But, we’re grateful that God has granted her many years, and along with my family, we just try & smother her with love and attention each & everyday, just like you guys. Anyway, in a world where many times people only hear complaints, I just want to be the opposite, and tell you how grateful we are to everyone at The Sholom Home. Wishing you & your family a wonderful, safe Holiday Weekend.
Mary R

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