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Post-COVID & "Long-Haulers" Rehab Program

While most individuals make a full recovery from COVID-19, some develop complications that last several weeks to months later. Aging adults impacted by COVID-19, especially those with comorbidities and chronic disease, are at a higher risk for long-term complications. 

Sholom’s COVID-19 rehab program was created to better identify, assess and treat clients who may be suffering from “long Haulers” or post COVID symptoms using a multi-disciplinary approach including: 

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Social Services
  • Therapeutic Rec 
  • Clinical Team – Nursing

Ongoing research will continue to improve assessment and treatments as more findings are available. 

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Do you or someone you know exhibit post-COVID symptoms in any of the following areas?

Cardiopulmonary Function – 
such as shortness of breath, lung function and heart inflammation 

Musculoskeletal Function –
such as strength, balance, activity endurance, muscle and joint pain, chronic fatigue 

Neurological Function – taste/smell, brain fog, attention, processing speed, vision 

Important tips to remember:

  • Symptoms may include all or just one ongoing condition to be considered “long haulers” COVID 
  •  Watch for mental health and quality of life issues that impact many post-COVID patients. Our assessment team will address these issues affecting long-haulers. 

Sholom Rehab Can Help!

Here’s what we’ll need:

  • MD order for therapy evaluation and treatment 
  • Current MD visit notes for diagnosis and medical condition
  • Face sheet and insurance information
  • Fax Therapy orders for
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