Message from the CEO regarding security upgrades at Ackerberg Campus

Dear Sholom Families and Visitors,

Resulting from a Homeland Security Grant, we are pleased to be upgrading our security systems at the Ackerberg Family Sholom West campus as our residents, tenants and staff’s safety is our top priority.

The most significant change you will notice is the entry access points between buildings will require a badge or “fob” swipe to gain entry. Guests, visitors and families may enter or leave the buildings on campus from the front desks.  Access through the various link door will be gained only by a guest badge or family fob.   The key pads will no longer be operational.

  • Family members and tenants of Knollwood will need to exchange their existing fobs for a new one at the front desk of Knollwood.
  • Family members of Roitenberg Assisted Living tenants will need to have their fobs reprogrammed at the front desk of Roitenberg.  The IT and guest services staff will assist in updating the fob.
  • If family members require additional fobs, please contact the Housing Director of the building where your family member resides for ordering and adding fob information to your loved one’s lease addendum.

Main entry doors will remain open during regular business hours.  Please remember to sign in when entering the building and sign out when exiting the building.  After hours entry will consist of a call button and camera at the entry way for staff to verify and allow entrance of visitors/family members.

Thank you for keeping the safety of our residents, tenants and staff a top priority.

Barbara Klick, CEO