Mendota, MN Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient  Monitoring in Mendota, MN 

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) in Mendota, MN includes the use of connected electronic medical monitoring equipment such as:

  • pulse oximetry
  • blood pressure testers
  • glucometers
  • temperature and weight monitoring for individuals with certain health conditions

With regular monitoring, clients can benefit from early intervention in changes in medical status by trained clinical professions. If a more in-depth assessment is needed, a virtual Telehealth visit can be scheduled. 

Using the industry’s first fully integrated virtual care platform through VitalTech, Sholom’s care givers will be able to provide remote patient monitoring (RPM) and digital care solutions that will keep seniors in their homes longer and help lower the cost of overall senior care.

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The last few years, Sholom has ramped up its innovation efforts across the spectrum of care we provide and this is yet another way Sholom is transforming senior care. Using VitalTech’s home care system, our seniors will be able to interact virtually with care givers to help manage such things as chronic conditions and monitor biometric readings such as weight and blood pressure to ensure real time feedback, support and care. At Sholom, we are continuing the think differently and continually find new ways to provide the best in-person and virtual care for today’s seniors.

To learn more, please contact us at 

To learn more, please contact us at 

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Just wanted to drop you a note, and, again thank you for everything you & your staff do for my mom. Nothing you guys do ever goes un-noticed. When a person lives to be old, like my mom, many challenges occur, almost daily, and that’s just the way things seem to go. It’s not easy on you guys, and, also on us. But, we’re grateful that God has granted her many years, and along with my family, we just try & smother her with love and attention each & everyday, just like you guys. Anyway, in a world where many times people only hear complaints, I just want to be the opposite, and tell you how grateful we are to everyone at The Sholom Home. Wishing you & your family a wonderful, safe Holiday Weekend.
Mary R

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Mendota, MN Area Remote Patient Monitoring

If one good thing came out of the global pandemic, it would be the explosion of telehealth and remote patient monitoring. As it was deemed unsafe to sit in your doctor’s waiting room, more and more healthcare services began turning to what the telehealth industry could do for them.

Throughout most of history, as people aged, they did so at home surrounded by family. There were always multigenerational families living under one roof, or at worst your grandparents were just down the block. It was a two-way street, with grandparents helping with childcare and their own children offering care for elderly parents.

Over time, many things have changed. Not only are people living longer, but the nuclear family has replaced the extended family. This tends to mean that older generations needed to fend for themselves.

How Remote Patient Monitoring in Mendota, MN is Helping to Transform Healthcare

Not every elderly person can remain at home. There are many factors that go into determining who is a good candidate for remote patient monitoring services in Mendota, MN. For those who have become frail, a nursing home or assisted living may be the best approach. However, for many seniors, the idea of giving up their homes is not an option. Thanks to today’s technology, it does not have to be that way.

For older family members who wish to remain in their homes and communities, the advent of affordable, easy-to-use telehealth and remote patient monitoring has made all the difference. Instead of driving to the doctor’s office, now remote patient monitoring telehealth comes to you through your smartphone or laptop. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) in Mendota can collect a wide range of patient health data, including:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Oxygen Levels
  • Heart Rate
  • Weight
  • Blood Sugar Levels

Patients monitor themselves and collect data concerning their health at various points throughout the day. That data is then delivered electronically and securely to their online healthcare professionals.

What is good about telehealth and RPM is that your doctors are analyzing your current health data, not numbers that might have been submitted days or weeks ago. Remote patient monitoring works in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze your data, look for developing trends and bring these to the attention of your healthcare professionals.

By spotting problems or working through a health outcome, your doctor can reduce your visits to the office, the emergency room, or even the hospital. Early warning signs can help medical professionals better understand the state of your health. These technologies now help your doctor to ascertain your health just as effectively as X-rays and CT scans can provide additional health information about you.

What Does Remote Patient Monitoring in  Mendota, MN Mean to Seniors?

Accessible Healthcare: Remote patient monitoring takes the worry out of having to transport yourself to an appointment with a doctor in Mendota, MN. Many seniors may live alone and rely on a family member for transportation around town. If no one is available, doctor visits are often deferred. This can cause undue stress to build up on the part of the senior citizen. With RPM, seniors do not need to travel anywhere. They can rely on regularly scheduled wellness visits without having to rely on others or leave their homes.

Ongoing RPM at Home: When you are a part of a RPM system, your doctor can track biometric data and customize treatment plans. This, in turn, gives your healthcare providers all the information they need to provide you with the best care possible. Chronic illnesses are monitored on a regular basis, and any changes to data can be quickly ascertained and acted upon.

Hospitalizations Are Reduced: With remote patient monitoring in place, both providers and patients can reduce or avoid complications that would otherwise require hospitalization. For instance, if a doctor is monitoring an elderly patient with heart disease, when the doctor sees an increase in blood pressure, they can easily begin a new treatment plan before the heart condition worsens. Using RPM services reduces the number of hospitalization readmissions as well.

The goal of the telemedicine healthcare industry is to allow as many seniors as possible to take advantage of remote patient monitoring advancements. There will be patients who are initially uncomfortable with this advanced technology, and be hesitant to try it for themselves, but there are ways of educating these seniors to see how innovative healthcare systems are today, as compared with years ago.

Mendota, MN Area Remote Patient Monitoring Services for You

At Sholom, we are thrilled to be working with VitalTech to enhance our patient services to all our clients at home. Our easy-to-use, patient-centric solutions are our opening the window a whole new way of looking at how we do healthcare. We look forward to bringing the highest level of functional independence to our patients.

Your best life begins with remaining in your home surrounded by those you love. We can manage your healthcare from there. Remote patient monitoring in Mendota, MN is here for you.