Mendota MN Short Term Care

Specialized short term care for many of Sholom’s clients lasts fewer than 30 days.

Short Term Care in the Mendota Area

Our comprehensive services are resident-driven, flexible and individualized to promote independence, choice and dignity. We strive to honor the lives of our residents and respect them as individuals.

Sholom’s short term rehabilitation program is designed to offer specialized services and therapies for persons recovering from surgery or other acute illness and require additional rehab nursing care before they return home.


Ackerberg Sholom West

Sholom has been dedicated to honoring our fathers and mothers for over 100 years, the Ackerberg Family Sholom West Campus continues that proud tradition!

3620 Phillips Parkway
St. Louis Park, MN 55426
Phone: (952) 935-6311

Shaller Sholom East

Conveniently located near Saint Paul’s Highland Park neighborhood, the Rossy and Richard Shaller Family Campus – Sholom East offers a full-range of senior housing options and services – just blocks from the picturesque Mississippi River.

740 Kay Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55102
Phone: (651) 328-2000

Mendota Area Senior Rehabilitation Center

Everyone has a desire to live a fulfilled and balanced life, and that does not need to change with age. In fact, the older you are, the more time there is to do new things or take up interests you never had time for previously. So, when an illness, injury or other health event seems to set you back, receiving care from a place like Sholom can truly make you feel like yourself again.

If you find yourself in a similar situation due to an injury or needing rehab after major surgery, you will need additional care before returning home. Our Mendota area senior rehabilitation center has the specialized services and therapies to see you through to success.

Our short term rehabilitation program is designed to offer specialized services and therapies for individuals who are recovering from surgery or other acute illness. If you require additional rehab nursing care before returning home, we are the place to be. We always strive to honor our residents and respect them as individuals.

What Our Mendota Area Short-Term Rehab Centers Offer

  • Private, and semi-private, fully furnished rooms equipped with telephone
  • Individualized care
  • Skilled nursing services
  • Simulated home environment
  • Spiritual care
  • Specialized dietary services
  • In-house therapy team
  • Therapies six days-per-week, including physical, speech, occupational and aquatic
  • Social services
  • Massage, acupuncture and aromatherapy
  • Other specialized medical services on-site

When you need care that does not extend beyond 30 days, our Mendota area short-term rehab facilities are the way to go. The staff you meet there is supportive, encouraging, and looking out for you. They all work with you to help you back to your best self. With the goal of returning home in mind, when you make your stay with us, you will find yourself making new friends and sharing stories with others who have had similar experiences.

The amenities you will find in one of our Mendota area senior rehabilitation centers make you feel like you are at home. There are enclosed courtyards, patios and gardens to enjoy, a library, beauty salon and barbershop, a gift shop and deli, a chapel and even an auditorium. There are comfortable spaces to sit, including a neighborhood center with a gas fireplace, floor-to-ceiling windows and beautiful views to see.

Why Short-Term Rehab is so Important

There are many reasons you might not be fully ready to return home once you have been through a medical situation. With your doctor’s recommendation, we will guide you to the best therapies for you in order for you to return home as soon as possible. Our Mendota area short term rehab is perfect for those who have many medical conditions, including:

  • Surgery, Especially Major Surgery: You might find that your short hospital stay is just not enough for you to return home. As you age, your body takes longer to heal. When you require that extra care, let our Mendota area rehab caregivers give you all the support you need.
  • Heart Failure: Once you are released from the hospital, there is daily monitoring in order to manage your symptoms. If this is all new to you, let our skilled staff at Sholom show you what needs to be done for a full recovery as they keep a close eye on your health. Through physical therapy and nutritional management, you will soon be on your way to home sweet home.
  • Joint Replacement: We all know people who have had joint replacement surgery. If you are the one who needs it, there is ongoing physical therapy to be had in one of our Mendota area short-term rehabilitation facilities. The goal here is moving, improving circulation, strengthening muscles, and reducing pain and complications. Another great option is Aquatic Therapy, where you can get the same benefits of normal exercise, but with less strain on your joints and muscles.
  • Respiratory Illness: For those recovering from pneumonia or other breathing infections, you will want the care of short-term rehab to teach you all of the rehabilitative care that will help to bring your respiratory functions back to normal.

At Sholom, you will always enjoy the extra loving care and support of our team members. We offer you a warm and welcoming environment where you will immediately feel the stress of your situation melting away. Our Mendota area senior rehabilitation center offers you a wide variety of therapies. Therapy can help you back to normal as quickly as possible.

We believe that all of our residents should have access to some of the best healthcare across the spectrum. It does not matter if you are joining our community for a longer stay, or if you will be here short-term. All of our services and therapies are geared toward independent living. We give you the personal care and rehabilitation you need, when you need it.

Contact Sholom Today

For over 100 years, Sholom has been serving the Twin Cities metro area with their exceptional healthcare services. In addition to our Mendota area short term rehab, we also offer skilled nursing care, senior apartment homes, assisted living, memory care, hospice, adult day services, and meals on wheels.

As you age, you are the same person you have always been. Your life, skills, and your faith are of utmost importance to you. At Sholom you will experience healthcare at its best all within the confines of a welcoming environment. We work with everyone to find you the best living arrangements for your particular needs because we want your life to be as comfortable as possible.

Please contact us today at (952) 935-6311 for our Mendota area senior rehab facility. There is an amenity and a therapy waiting for you in our state-of-the-art rehabilitation centers. We have built our healthcare with you in mind.

My mom was in your facility a year ago and I found it to be an extraordinary experience. Absolutely everything was perfect. The staff was exceptional and the facility absolutely superb.

Kathryn E

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