Learning More About HUD Senior Housing Around the Twin Cities, MN

HUD’s public housing program was founded to provide safe and respectable rental housing. Many people need government assistance to afford senior housing.

Without HUD senior housing, many elderly people would be forced to fend for themselves in their old age. One out of four senior citizens fall each year, putting them at risk of serious injury if they live alone.

Find out if you or your family qualifies for any HUD housing options in the area of the Twin Cities, and which one will work best for your needs. 

Who Qualifies for HUD Housing?

Low-income families and individuals qualify for HUD home assistance. Before you receive any government aid, a Housing Agency (HA) will look over a few things.

They’ll check your annual income, your age or disability, and your citizenship.

Once they determine that you are eligible, they will ask for references. This is to ensure that you will be a good tenant who doesn’t cause disruptions for those around you.

If you believe you or your family will qualify, reach out to your local HA around the Twin Cities and they will assist you.

Which HUD Housing Option is Best for Senior Living?

After your HA approves you, there are a few government-funded options to choose from.

Public Housing

Elderly living is generally geared towards frail individuals who need extra assistance. This does not represent all senior citizens. Some are more independent than others and their housing should reflect that.

Public housing doesn’t offer care assistance and the housing units aren’t designed to accommodate older residents. 

The main benefit would be that residents can choose their unit based on availability. Many seniors will find the lack of support daunting. Others will prefer the independence these housing units offer. 

Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly

Section 202 HUD housing is available for people over the age of 62. These units offer much more care and assistance than public housing around the Twin Cities.

This program is for a healthy senior citizen who makes less than $10,000 a year. Housecleaning, transportation, and meals are all provided. Waiting lists for these residences are very long.

Seniors have a better chance of finding placement faster if they fit into one of three categories. They are currently living in an unsuitable home, they’re being evicted, or their rent is higher than half of their income.

Housing Voucher Program

You may have heard of this program as it used to be called Section 8. Local or state authorities issue housing vouchers which you can use at most public housing properties.

There isn’t a large waiting list for this option as this is the largest out of all three. Most families use it, but seniors tend to use Section 202.

Apply for Senior Housing Near the Twin Cities

If there’s a chance that you or your family qualifies for government assistance, take advantage of it. Not all senior citizens can take part in the program, but it’s worth looking into before you make other plans.

Everyone deserves to live in comfort and dignity. The elderly are sometimes forgotten. With assistance from HUD housing benefits around the Twin Cities, they have the opportunity to live the rest of their days in happiness.

For more information about senior housing, contact us.