Key Warning Signs it’s Time for In Home Care Services for Seniors in St. Paul

Seeing the parent/child relationship evolve over time can make you think you’ve switched roles. When you were young, your parents did everything they could to take care of you. Now that they’re growing older, it’s your turn to look after them. 

In home care services for seniors has made it much easier for adult children to ensure that their aging parents are getting the help that they need in the St. Paul area. Finding the right senior care can be tricky, but the true challenge comes when you need to figure out the right time to call in help. 

It can also be difficult for parents to admit that they need help. They might be concerned about worrying about their family or could want to retain their independence. Make things easier on everyone by identifying some signs that your parent needs more help than they’re leading on. 

Declining Home Care

Your parents used to keep their house incredibly clean. They took pride in how organized everything was, but lately, it seems like they don’t care much about how their St. Paul house looks. 

The kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes, and there’s spoiled food in the fridge. Light bulbs have burned out in the hallway, and it looks it has been weeks since anything was dusted. 

A dirty home can be a sign that your parents need more help, especially if they used to keep a tidy home. As people age, it can be more difficult to do simple chores. Their messy home could also be a sign that they’re experiencing memory problems or cognitive decline and need help

Changing Moods 

Everybody has good and bad days, but it seems like it’s getting more difficult to predict how your parent is feeling. One minute they’re sad and talking about how they don’t get to see the grand kids enough, and the next minute they’re yelling about how the last time they visited they stained their carpet. 

It’s possible that your parent may just be having a down day, but mood swings could be a sign that they’re in cognitive decline. It could also be a sign of anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems. 

Declining Self Care 

Your usually stylish and put-together mom wore a dirty sweatshirt and torn jeans to your last holiday gathering in St. Paul. The last time you saw your father you noticed that it had been months since he had gotten his hair cut. On top of that, you can tell he hasn’t been showering or brushing his teeth. 

A lack of hygiene can be a sign of problems with aging parents. Like with chores, it could be that performing personal grooming tasks could be too physically difficult for them to do. 

Missing Important Things

When your mom called you to say that their electricity was shut off, you immediately called the company to ask what the issue was. You were shocked to find out that they hadn’t paid their bills in three months despite having the money to do so. 

Unpaid bills, missed doctor’s appointments, and other lapses in memory could be a sign that your parent needs home care. Their forgetfulness could be a sign of early-onset dementia or other problems. 

Find Senior Home Care that Works for You in the St. Paul Area

Noticing problems with your parents can be jarring, luckily, there are things you can do to help. Getting senior home care in the St. Paul area can ensure your parents are getting the help they need and give you peace of mind. 

Broaching the topic of care with parents can be tricky. How do you bring up that you think they could benefit from care? What’s the right kind of service to choose?

We’re here to help answer any and all of your questions about senior care. Reach out to us today so we can talk about the best level of care for your parents.