July COVID-19 Updates

Dear Sholom residents, tenants, staff and families,

For your convenience, all COVID-19 related information has been consolidated here: Sholom’s COVID-19 Resources and Downloads Please refer to the page frequently for updates.

As you may have heard, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has acknowledged the unintended consequences of prolonged physical separation and isolation on a resident’s overall health and well-being.  MDH is recommending that long term care facilities develop an essential caregivers (EC) program, where appropriate.  An essential caregiver is an individual who was previously actively engaged with the resident or is committed to providing companionship and/or assistance with activities of daily living.

At Sholom, we recognize the critical role that family members and other close, outside caregivers have for residents in our communities. Therefore, in accordance with MDH guidance, Sholom has developed a process to designate essential caregivers where appropriate for the health and well- being of residents.

Beginning August 10th, we will slowly allow approved essential caregivers into the buildings for planned visits.  This is subject to change if an active case of COVID-19 is confirmed at Sholom.

If you would like to designate an essential caregiver for yourself or a loved one, here is what you will need to do:

  • Complete the Essential Caregiver form by August 6th and email to the appropriate contact person for your location as listed below:
  • Ackerberg Sholom Home West, Sarah Philippe sphilippe@sholom.com
  • Roitenberg Family Assisted Living and Hodroff Pavilion for Memory Care, Kelly McCormick kmccormick@sholom.com
  • Knollwood Place Apartments, Tescia Bratcher, tbratcher@sholom.com
  • Chapman Sholom Home East, Lisa Charlton, lcharton@sholom.com
  • Bentson Family Assisted Living and Phillips Center for Memory Care, Katie Fregin kfregin@sholom.com
  • Menorah Plaza, Ronni Willis, rwillis@sholom.com
  • Forms received after August 6th will be reviewed weekly by the team moving forward.
  • Designated caregivers will be contacted by a Sholom team member for additional information and to arrange a time for training before they will be allowed to provide services at Sholom.
  • Please review the following instructional videos to prepare for essential caregiver visits
    • How to safely wear your mask
    • Mask Do’s and Don’ts
    • Mask 101
    • How to wash hands
    • How to sanitize hands

Window and outdoor visits are continuing per direction from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).  Be sure to download, read, print, sign and bring with you the outdoor visitation agreement for your scheduled visit.

To schedule a window or outdoor visit, call the contact person by location as listed below:

Shaller Family Sholom East Campus, St. Paul, MN (includes: Shirley Chapman Sholom Home East, Bentson Family Assisted Living and Philips Center for Memory Care) please contact Lori Rodewald at 651-328-2065.

Sholom Home West, St. Louis Park, MN visits contact Sarah Philippe at 952-939-1596

Roitenberg Family Assisted Living and Hodroff Pavilion for Memory Care, St. Louis Park, MN please contact Ben Carlson at 952-563-6140

Menorah Plaza’s memory care units, St. Louis Park, MN contact Keaton Judy at 952-653-3682.

Our Adult Day programs have received new guidelines regarding the re-opening of adult day services.  We are currently reviewing this information and the adult day teams are assessing Sholom’s ability to meet the regulatory guidelines and accommodate. We will communicate in the near future changes that impact this program.

At this time, at the Ackerberg Family Sholom West Campus in St. Louis Park, we currently have no active COVID-19 resident or staff cases at Sholom Home West, Roitenberg Family Assisted Living, Knollwood Place, Menorah West and Menorah Plaza.

At our St. Paul location, Chapman Sholom Home East has one on call staff member who tested positive for COVID-19, but has not been on schedule since July 5th. Weinberg Apartments, Bentson Assisted Living and Phillips Center for Memory Care have no cases of COVID-19 with residents or staff at this time.

All Sholom’s staff and residents at our assisted living, memory care and skilled care locations have undergone multiple rounds of testing for COVID-19.  Additional broad based testing may be conducted as determined by our clinical teams and MDH. We will continue to monitor any changes or additions to the Governor’s plan.

Our priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy. Because of the high risk to our residents, MDH continues to recommend anyone over 70 years old to continue isolating at home, wearing masks and practice social distancing as much as possible.

We know these past few months have been especially challenging for you and your loved ones.  If you have concerns, please let a team member know so we can connect you to one of us, spiritual care, your family, or whomever you’d like to speak with.

We’ll continue to update you and your loved ones throughout this process.

With warmest regard for your health, safety and well-being, Thank you.

Barbara Klick, RN, MBA

Sholom CEO