How to Prevent Social Isolation in Seniors

Loneliness raises the risk of death by 26%. What makes that statistic more concerning is that half a million older people go five to six days without seeing or talking to anyone.

Many older citizens aren’t experiencing enough human contact throughout their week. That means it’s essential to do what we can to prevent social isolation in seniors.

Keep reading to learn about some of the options of activities for isolated seniors to potentially increases their lifespan and quality of life!

Get Involved

The best way to prevent social isolation for any age group is to get involved in something. Senior programs, volunteering, and part-time work are all good ideas to stay active and meet new people.

Too often, seniors feel that they have no purpose once they’re retired. Giving back to a community instills that sense of purpose and offers an opportunity for conversation.

There are oodles of senior programs and courses for every interest. From painting and singing to yoga and pickleball, there’s something for everyone!

Adopt a Pet

Not everyone enjoys human interaction as much, and that’s okay! To prevent social isolation for seniors that are more introverted, consider a furry friend instead.

Like getting involved, pets instill a sense of purpose. It’s something to take care of beyond themselves.

It’s difficult to feel lonely when sharing your space with a cute, cuddly cat or dog. There is also scientific evidence that pets reduce stress!

Easy Transportation

A major culprit for social isolation in seniors is the inability to get around town. It’s difficult to make new friends or see old ones when you can’t get to them.

Try to schedule some reliable transportation for seniors that can’t drive themselves anymore. When family members are too busy, there are other avenues to consider.

Check your city to learn about discounted rides for seniors. Sometimes, it’s even free!

Technology Classes

The internet has become a massive tool for keeping in touch with loved ones, finding entertainment, and staying up to date on news. However, some aging adults don’t understand how to use it.

Try a technology class! These are inexpensive classes that teach senior citizens how to use computers, phones, and web browsers.

Family members can sit down with their parents and grandparents to teach them as well! Being able to chat with familiar faces that are miles away helps to prevent loneliness in seniors.

New Hobbies

It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby. Keeping the brain active is good for overall health.

Learning something new puts us in a vulnerable position where we must ask for help. So, it’s a great way to make new friends and inspire conversations!

Choosing a new hobby is something that anyone can do, regardless of mobility. Some senior citizens just need help learning what’s out there!

Final Activities for Isolated Seniors

If those don’t fit your needs, there are more options! Some other activities for isolated seniors are…

These ideas keep the body moving, continue forming relationships, and offer an outlet for emotional needs. It’s so important not to relegate ourselves or our loved ones to a room, a chair, and a TV.

For some, the best option is to live on-site, where people can help and communicate all the time. Learn more about Sholom’s assisted living, and contact us today!