How Does Aquatic Therapy Help with Injury Rehabilitation?

As people age, their muscles and joints lose strength and stability. Even healthy seniors can struggle with mobility and put themselves at risk for falls or other injuries. Physical therapy for seniors can prevent some of these problems and heal them after injuries happen. 

One great method of physical therapy is aquatic therapy. We’re here to talk all about how aquatic therapy for seniors can help with injury prevention and rehab. Read on to learn more. 

It’s Non-Pharmacological 

After an injury, many people choose a pharmacological approach. While there’s nothing wrong with taking pain medication, it doesn’t fix the problem. It soothes the pain but doesn’t relieve the actual injury.

Because aquatic therapy can help with pain, it may help seniors avoid taking high doses of pain medication long-term. 

On top of that, avoiding pain medication can help seniors maintain their appetite and mood (which will further help healing). 

It’s Easy on the Joints

Aquatic physical therapy for seniors is good for their joints. 

Many exercises on land add too much pressure to the joints for healthy recovery. Aquatic therapy removes the pressure of gravity so seniors can move freely. 

While walking in water is more difficult than walking on land, it’s better for knees and ankles because of buoyancy. It can also help seniors improve their range of motion in a way that would be uncomfortable on land.  

It May Decrease Pain and Swelling

The compression from water can ease swelling and joint pain. Again, because water is good for the joints and alleviates joint pressure, seniors shouldn’t feel as much pain. 

The compression from the water can be comforting on sore joints. If the water is warm enough, it can also provide an extra soothing sensation. 

It Helps with Balance

If a senior struggles with balance, traditional rehabilitation exercises will be difficult. They may not be able to keep themselves upright or steady.

In the water, this isn’t a problem. Their bodies feel lighter. There’s very low risk of falling or getting injured in the water.

It’s Enjoyable 

At the end of the day, aquatic therapy for seniors is fun. Many seniors at senior assisted living facilities look forward to their aquatic therapy sessions because, while they can be difficult, they’re engaging and relaxing. 

Making the activity enjoyable means that the senior is more likely to participate in it and heal more quickly as a result. 

Aquatic Therapy is Beneficial for Seniors 

Aquatic therapy is easy on the joints, great for balance and stability, fantastic for building strength and burning calories, and a lot of fun. It’s an excellent way to keep seniors healthy, strong, and relatively pain-free.

At Sholom, we ensure that the seniors in our care have access to all the things they need to stay healthy and happy. Contact us to learn more about our senior care options.