Honoring Senior Veterans This Veteran’s Day

In 1954, President Eisenhower signed a bill that established November 11th as the national holiday known as Veteran’s Day.

Before this bill was introduced, there was Armistice Day. It was also held on November 11th, as far back as 1938. It was veterans who rallied to change the name from Armistice Day to Veteran’s Day to better represent who the holiday is held for. For many seniors, joining the military and going off to war was the norm in society. Unfortunately, many of their brethren didn’t get a chance to live their lives after the war.

It is important that we remember those that fought for the freedoms that we enjoy every day, especially those in senior care. Let’s learn how you can do your part to honor senior veterans this Veteran’s Day.

Attend a Veteran’s Day Event

Many local cities and towns hold Veteran’s Day events at various locations throughout the municipality. These events might include parades, festivals, or ceremonies. Many local businesses often have greatly discounted tickets or merchandise for members of the military. 

You may also choose to host your own Veteran’s Day event. You could rent out a venue for a big party for the community, or simply throw a barbecue for friends and family at your home. The important part is to focus the event on the sacrifices veterans have made and their important role in society.

Write to Senior Veterans

Some senior veterans, like some seniors, can feel lonely sometimes. Once you are retired and advanced in age, it can feel like you have nothing but time. Meanwhile, younger people seem so busy with work and their social life. 

Writing a thank you letter to a veteran is a simple way to commemorate the holiday. It helps senior veterans feel “seen,” and elderly people too often feel forgotten or discarded in modern society. 

Support Senior Veterans

Over 30,000 veterans were homeless in 2020. Sometimes senior veterans need more than a thank you letter for support. 

Donating to the right charities is a great way to support senior veterans. Make sure that the charity is legitimate by researching their reputation online. The charity should be able to provide the percentage of funds directly going to the veterans when asked. 

If you’re tight on cash, consider donating your time. Volunteering is another way to support senior veterans and give back.

Visit Senior Veterans

Spending some quality time with a senior veteran is a rewarding way to spend Veteran’s Day. Senior veterans located in nursing homes or hospices may not have frequent visitors, causing them to feel lonely. 

Take a moment to research the senior home and senior rehab facilities in your area and ask them about visiting their veterans. They may allow you to come read to the veterans, play games with them, or even help them type up their stories.

Finding Senior Veterans

You may not know any senior veterans personally, but they are not hard to find. Friends and family probably know a veteran you can contact. There are also over 1,200 veteran’s healthcare facilities throughout the country that are usually glad to welcome volunteers and hold events for prominent dates.

To inquire about spending time with the senior veterans in our facilities, don’t hesitate to contact us.