Helping Your Loved One Use a Smart Device for Telemedicine Services

Did you know there are over 54 million Americans over 65? With an aging population, it’s critical to do what you can to help your loved ones stay healthy.

With the way the word has changed over the years, that can mean helping them learn how to use smart devices to access their medical care near Minnetonka.

Below, we go over how you can help your loved one use telemedicine services.

Familiarize Your Loved One with Smart Devices

To take advantage of telemedicine services, your elderly loved ones in Minnetonka first might need assistance navigating a smartphone or tablet. Walk them through the way the screens on their smart devices are organized. Help them learn to swipe touchscreens and scroll through options.

Then show them which screen they’ll need to go to when they want to access the app. If possible, pare down the number of apps so the telemedicine apps they need are easy to access.

Explore a Telemedicine App with Them

A telemedicine app helps connect your loved ones with medical professionals. They’ll be able to access online chat functions, emails, or video calls, but you may need to walk them through the services, so they understand what’s available to them. 

Sell the benefits of telemedicine to the senior in your life. If they’re struggling to find a ride to a doctor’s appointment, for instance, let them know they can receive care through a video call on the app.

Telemedicine makes it easy to track health changes connected to blood pressure or body temperature. Tracking a patient’s condition is an important part of palliative care. Healthcare workers can give advice regarding dietary changes, medications, or mobility concerns. 

Engage Family Members to Promote Telemedicine 

It may be easier to encourage your loved one to use a telemedicine app if they have the support of other family members and friends in Minnetonka. Talk to your siblings, for instance, if you have a parent who’s apprehensive about using an app. Also, be sure to talk up the benefits of being digitally connected to healthcare professionals. 

For example, for a family member recovering from surgery, long stays in a hospital bed can be demoralizing. The sooner someone can get home, the better. Home care supported by telemedicine can bring back a sense of independence. 

Talk Openly About Concerns

Create a level of communication where your loved one can share concerns about telemedicine or smart devices. For instance, they might not feel comfortable disclosing personal information through digital technology. You may want to ask a doctor or pharmacist to explain security measures that ensure private information stays private. 

The loved one in your life might also feel like they’re too old to learn new technologies. As a family member, offering encouragement and patience is the best road to success.

Know the Benefits of Telemedicine Services Near Minnetonka

Telemedicine services offer an opportunity for your senior loved one to seek medical attention at their Minnetonka area home. Work with the senior in your life to access a telemedicine app on their phone. Show patience and support as you and other family members encourage using the app to receive treatment. 

When you’re ready for a higher level of senior care, contact us so we can help.