Harvey’s Knollwood Place Experience


I am sending this letter to Ben, Kim, Chris, Betty Ann, Bethany, Heidi and Leroy. The reason I am not sending one individually to you is simply because I wanted you ALL to know collectively the impact you have had not only on my father, (Harvey) but also have on the entire community at Knollwood Place!

When my mom passed away in 2012, I really wasn’t sure my dad would live a day longer. They were so in love and so inseparable for 60 years! However, 6 months later when my dad moved into Knollwood Place, I immediately saw a strength in him, that I didn’t know existed! I’ll give him a lot of credit here, but I will give Knollwood Place a LOT, as well! I am so impressed by EVERYTHING, as I know my dad was as well. From the moment we discussed his moving in, Betty Ann became a “friend” to us both. From her warm loving way of helping with the transition, to the daily encounters that she had with my dad that he adored, she has been so comforting to him as well as all of the residents DAILY! He loved walking by her office to ask if she was staying out of trouble and she always made time for him and truly brightened his day! EVERY DAY!

Then we have Bethany–

My dad adored her! She is inevitably the kindest, happiest person and the genuine concern she seems to have in helping every single person is amazing. She was always so kind to my dad and I witness her kindness with everyone she comes in contact with. There couldn’t be anyone on earth better to give that first impression as people walk through the doors!

Leroy-what a tough job! The elderly and food……this could be a really tough combination!

But instead–he has it all figured out! The food is amazing…I know–I spent many nights at dinner! His ability to handle everything that comes his way is amazing. From being so great with every single person, to organization and control he has of the entire operation, he never ceases to amaze me. I laughed so often to hear the only complaint people had… “It’s too much food, I’m stuffed”.

Chris has made such a difference in the entire community. He is so warm and loving with everyone, shows such interest and concern in making lives easier and has implemented so many wonderful things that were appreciated by my dad and everyone, as well. His door is always open to them, he makes time for everyone and is always so kind to everyone he comes in contact with.

Heidi was a Harvey favorite as well! I recall the period of time she took off for her surgery and each day my dad would say “I hope Heidi is OK, I can’t wait for her to get back”. She tok such good care of him, often laughed with him and just genuinely made him happy.

I hope you all know the impact you have had on my dad’s life and hope you know the impact you have on so many! I saw it every single day!

You are fortunate to have each other in addition, the way you work together and change lives is nothing short of amazing. It’s fun to see you enjoy each other and so incredible to see you enjoy what you do and touch the lives you touch.

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to know you all! Trust me when I say—my dad CHERISHED you all in so many ways. You are honestly the reason he was able to live the last few years without my mom.

I know he is looking down thanking you all for what you do on a daily basis and for what you did for him, as well as what you came to mean to him in your own individual ways.

As for me—I will be eternally grateful to you all!

Much love!


Thank you for the kind words, Sue. Everyone you mentioned was honored by the opportunity to care for your father. Harvey was an amazing man and his absence is still felt within our halls. In his memory and in memory of all our past residents we will continue to strive to deliver care and compassion to all who walk through our doors.

The Sholom Team