Golden Valley, MN Senior Home Care: A Guide to Fall Prevention for Seniors

Did you know that over 36 million seniors suffer falls every year? Tragically, this results in more than 30,000 deaths and around 3 million emergency hospital visits. 

The truth is, that seniors are not only among the most susceptible to falls, but also the most susceptible to injury caused because of these falls. 

That is why as a caregiver or a family member of a senior, or even an older adult yourself, fall prevention as part of your senior home care plan must be a priority. This article looks at some practical and effective tips you can use both at your home in the Golden Valley area, and outdoors to minimize the risk of falls.

Let’s get started! 

Managing Fall Prevention at Your Golden Valley Home

Bathrooms and stairs require you to exercise extra caution while walking. Here’s how to prevent falls in these areas:

  • Secure nonslip flooring or mats in your bathtub and shower
  • Install grips, handles, or bars around the bathroom for additional assistance
  • Practice regular handrail maintenance to ensure consistent support
  • Eliminate all trip hazards around the stairs including loose carpets, floorboards, and other paraphernalia 
  • Install anti-slip stair mats

Some other assistive technology and devices you can use include a handheld shower nozzle, seat lifts, sensor-activated lights, reaching aids, alarms designed to call for help, and chair risers. You can pick and choose which of these you need according to your specific needs. 

Fall Prevention for Seniors Outdoors

While the outdoors is a great place for some fresh air and exercise, people over 60 need to take certain precautions to keep themselves safe. 

This includes wearing appropriate, low-heeled, and comfortable walking shoes, staying hydrated, and ensuring walkways are not slippery before treading on them. Make sure to maintain your walkways or use ice melt during the winters to reduce your risk of falling. 

General Lifestyle Changes

Some of the common causes of falls for seniors living near Golden Valley include side effects of medications, health conditions, vision problems, weakness, slow reflexes, and degenerative diseases. 

You can lower your risk of falling by getting a regular eye exam, ensuring you have the appropriate eye gear, taking your medications on time, and getting regular exercise to keep your bones and muscles from deteriorating. 

Extra Support for Vulnerable Seniors

A falls risk assessment is a great way to examine how vulnerable a senior is to falling down. 

Those on the higher end of the scale can consider seeking assisted living or patient monitoring facilities. Having access to a professional caregiver can put both you and your loved ones at ease. 

Get the Care You Deserve Near Golden Valley

Fall prevention for seniors is no joke, and something you should prioritize if you haven’t already. Safeguard your Golden Valley area home with adequate lighting, motion detectors, anti-slip mats and rugs, and other assistive technology. 

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