Golden Valley Aquatic Therapy

Warm water therapy has been shown to be beneficial for a wide variety of diagnoses and conditions

Golden Valley Aquatic Therapy

Sholom, while cooperating with the community, offers a wide variety of healthcare services across a continuum of care. We offer you the chance to live life to the fullest in a loving environment that is fully inclusive. With over 100 years of service in the Twin Cities metro area, one of the services we offer is aquatic therapy for seniors.

What Aquatic Therapy Can Do for You

One of the offerings within our adult day programming is aquatic therapy, because we believe in helping seniors to their fullest through emotional support and physical assistance for all their healthcare issues. When we focus on mind, body, and spirit, the benefits include:

  • Wellness Programs
  • Socializing
  • Individualized Programming
  • Health Monitoring

What do I need to provide prior to starting Aquatic Therapy?

  • Referral from your doctor – drop off at our location or fax to (651)328-2178
  • Insurance Information


Welcome to Sholom Golden Valley Area Aquatic Physical Therapy

As you age, you want to remain active. It is proven that people who lead sedentary lives open the door to all manner of health problems. Especially in aging adults, staying active is essential. When you suffer with circulatory issues, joint problems, even arthritis, just the thought of exercise can be a painful reminder of what you can no longer do. This is why you need to know about the benefits of aquatic therapy for seniors in Golden Valley

According to the CDC, water therapy has great benefits that you need to know about. Water-based exercise decreases disabilities and improves the quality of life in older adults. Our Golden Valley aquatic therapy for seniors offers a warm water therapy pool, perfect for setting you right again.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Did you know that swimming is the fourth most popular sports activity in the US? It is a great way to get the exercise you need while immersing your entire body in warm waters that will help with many chronic diseases. Once you become a regular visitor to our Golden Valley area aquatic therapy sessions, you will wonder why you waited so long.

Aquatic therapy helps to build strength and balance, and this is important as you age. Falls often become a real problem in many older adults, leading to no exercise whatsoever. Aging limbs can often leave seniors feeling as if it is risky to attempt any type of exercise. Our caring staff who will welcome you at the Golden Valley area aquatic therapy for seniors, see the benefits of warm water therapy every day.

Hydrostatic pressure also offers many benefits to seniors. This is the force of fluid molecules which exert pressure on the body while you are immersed in water. This pressure helps to decrease swelling and pain, including symptoms often seen with Lymphedema, and helps to increase range of motion in older adults. Hydrostatic pressure also helps to decrease blood pooling, which helps with circulation.

Your cardiovascular health will also be improved. It does not matter what type of aquatic therapy you are doing, working out in the water helps all seniors to get their heart rate up, which can be a very good thing. This leads to increased aerobic fitness and capacity, and it helps to burn fat while improving your overall cardiovascular health.

Aquatic therapy helps with natural resistance. Water, especially warm water, provides natural resistance. This helps to make muscles work even harder than they would if you were to do exercises on land. More muscle fibers are used in water, which helps to tone those muscles.

Aquatic therapy helps to improve your mood and warm water therapy just makes you feel good. It helps to reduce anxiety and improve your mood. This is important as you age, as being with others in a social setting, and feeling your body relax in the warming waters, has a great effect on your mental acuity. For this reason alone, many seniors love our Golden Valley aquatic therapy.

Aquatic Therapy at Sholom Home East

All you need to participate in our Golden Valley aquatic therapy for seniors is a referral from your doctor and your insurance information. We are located at Sholom Home East. Your first session will be an evaluation session, approximately 90 minutes long. The first half of your appointment is on land, and the second half is in the water.

After your initial appointment, all sessions will run for 45 minutes. Be sure to arrive early to change into your swim gear. The depth of the pool varies from 3 feet to 5 feet and there is a ramp entrance to get into the pool. We also have an aquatic wheelchair if you need one. The water is warm therapeutic water temperature.

There is nothing like improving your life with warm water therapy, also called aquatic physical therapy. Aquatic therapy is proven to be an effective way to reduce pain. It not only improves your mobility but your range of motion and balance, too.

Sholom is Here for You

In addition to Golden Valley aquatic therapy, we offer so many other healthcare services all throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Our continuum of care ranges from senior apartment homes, assisted living, skilled nursing care, short-term rehab, hospice, memory care, adult day services, and meals on wheels.

We know how important feeling great is to our seniors. At Sholom, our care is in providing all the emotional, psychological, social and spiritual needs of our clientele. We work hard for you and your family in order to give you the best quality of life.

We are a caring, compassionate community of caregivers. At Sholom, we know what you need, and we stand ready to help you find your most comfortable life. Please contact us at (651)328-2050 for any questions you have about our Golden Valley aquatic therapy.