Five of the Best Housing Options to Consider for Seniors

About 8.5% of the world’s population is over 65. That’s 617 million people. At the rate people are aging and living longer, that percentage is expected to jump to 17% by 2050.

While some of those people may do well on their own, many of them will require at least a moderate form of help with daily activities. Others will require 24-hour care for severe medical issues.

Thankfully, there are many options at differing levels of care. Check out five of the best housing options for seniors that you should consider for yourself, or your aging loved one.

  1. Home Care

Home care is a nice way to bridge the gap for seniors who need a little help with certain activities, but for the most part are capable of living at home and taking care of themselves.

However, they might need someone to come once or twice a week to help with more difficult household chores or drive them to the grocery store and doctor’s appointments.

  1. Independent Living Communities

Independent communities for seniors are also wonderful for people who can pretty much live on their own. With a community full of retirees, someone is always around to call for help if needed. Plus, seniors get the benefit of making friends and spending their time involved in community activities.

This is important because socializing can help stave off symptoms of Alzheimer’s as well as slow the advancement of the disease.

  1. Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities offer care for seniors who need more help with everyday chores and activities, but not necessarily a ton of medical care. Residents will generally have a private bedroom and bathroom, but the common areas are shared. The facility may also host different activities that the seniors can participate in to keep them up and moving.

  1. Nursing Homes

Aging unfortunately brings with it a lot of disease and medical issues. At some point, many seniors will need substantial medical care.

Nursing home facilities are apt for this. They are similar to assisted living, but there are more medical personnel on staff to help with more serious issues.

  1. Memory Care Facility

If your loved one is suffering from dementia, a memory care facility might be the best choice. While many people with dementia live in nursing homes or other situations, memory care facilities are specifically designed to care for people with dementia.

There are more staff people who are specifically trained to work with dementia patients. Plus, more security measures are in to prevent residents from getting out and hurting themselves. Additionally, there may be activities the seniors can participate in to help slow the advancement of their disease.

The Best Housing Options for Your Loved One

This is just a quick rundown of the basic categories of the best housing options for you or your aging loved one. Of course, it is important to remember that not all facilities offer the level of care and concern that you would prefer.

Come to a place where you can feel at home or know that your loved one is being well taken care of. Here at Sholom, we offer many types of housing to cater to the needs of your loved one as they continue aging. It’s nice to be able to stay in the same place, especially for dementia patients who might struggle with change.

Start with a basic housing with assistance and move to the area with more medical attention or memory care as necessary. Contact us today to learn more about our caring, compassionate community.