Essential Steps to Take When Transitioning Your Parent to a Senior Living Community Near St. Paul

A senior living community can be a pleasant and engaging environment for older adults to enjoy life while receiving the care and attention they need. It can be tough at first for some seniors to make the switch to this new way of life, but statistics on falls and serious injuries suffered by elderly adults tell us that sometimes, it’s a necessary measure.

If you and your aging loved one have both decided that this is something you’re interested in, there are several steps you can take to make the process run as smoothly as possible. 

Find out what you can do to make the transition from complete independence to assisted living that little bit easier in and around St. Paul.

Choose the Perfect Place Around St. Paul to Settle Down

One of the best ways to ensure there is a smooth transition is to choose a senior living community in the St. Paul area that your parent likes. It may seem simple but finding somewhere that’s the perfect fit can take time. Try not to rush this process.

It is a good idea to shop around, visit lots of different establishments, and do plenty of research before settling on their new home. What kind of activities, does it offer? Is it small and close-knit or are there lots of residents?

While it is of course imperative they’re happy with their new living situation, you need to make sure you are satisfied with it, as well.

Prepare for the Move

Moving from somewhere familiar and comfortable to somewhere entirely new can be tough for anyone. With all the memories your mom or dad is leaving behind, it can be a particularly difficult experience. Make sure you’re there to support them at this time.

They may need to sell or donate some items if they’re moving to a smaller space, this is something you can physically and emotionally assist them with. When it comes to the move itself, make sure it’s not rushed, and they have the time they need to process their feelings.

Getting Settled In

Once they arrive in their new living space near St. Paul, you can help to make it feel more at home by unpacking and setting up some of their possessions. Even a few personal items will add a touch of hominess to any space. Stay as long as they need on their first day there and speak to staff to see how they can help make the transition easier.

After they’ve moved in, make sure to try and visit them or speak to them as often as possible. This will help to stave off any homesickness they might be feeling and give them a chance to voice minor issues and concerns.

A Senior Living Community in the St. Paul Area That Cares

If you’re considering the possibility of a senior living community, why not consider Sholom? Sholom allows older and ailing adults to live life to the fullest in a safe and warm environment all around the Greater St. Paul area. If you’d like to learn more about any of the services we offer, please get in touch today.