How to Celebrate Senior Citizens Day with Your Loved One

Most people are pretty familiar with the concept of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but National Senior Citizens Day is not so well-known. It falls on August 21 every year and it’s a great opportunity to honor the older people in your life. 

So, what’s the best way to celebrate? Here is a little background on this holiday and for some great ideas for Senior Citizens Day activities.

Why Celebrate Senior Citizens Day?

Our aging population is growing in America. Experts anticipate that the number of Americans over 65 will double, while the number of adults aged 85 or over is likely to quadruple by 2040.

Many of these older people continue to be active in their communities. Some are still in employment, while others volunteer. Almost all play an important role in their extended families, and that sounds like something worth celebrating to us.

Senior Citizens Day Ideas 

There are lots of things to do for seniors to celebrate Senior Citizens Day. Some involve making a big deal and others offer a more subtle, personal way to honor the older people in your life. Let’s dive in and explore some options.

Visit Their Nursing Home

If you know someone who is living in a senior living community, take National Senior Citizens Day as the perfect opportunity to visit. Make sure you chat to other residents who don’t have visitors too. 

Visiting seniors can be a great opportunity to hear their stories. If you ask about their life, you’re sure to hear some interesting tales. They’ve lived through many amazing developments and historical events that happened before you were born, so you should take every opportunity to learn from them. 

Thank a Senior Citizen 

Older people often feel overlooked in society, as if their value is somehow reduced by their age. It shouldn’t be like this. We should thank the older adults that we know, for the contributions they’ve made throughout their lives. 

This includes veterans, health care professionals, and teachers. It also includes your own relatives who may have cared for you when you were young.

Do you remember with fondness baking bread with your grandma? Then you should say thank you for those memories! Maybe you can get together and bake a cake to celebrate Senior Citizens Day. 

Cook Up a Storm

While we’re talking about baking, you could always help a senior cook a delicious meal. Another wonderful project to work on is writing out favorite family recipes as keepsakes for children or grandchildren. 

Food often carries emotional connotations and deep memories and a family recipe book is a kind of family history in itself. This could be a really wonderful way to celebrate.  

Senior Care with Compassion 

Senior Citizens Day is a great opportunity to celebrate older people and show our love and respect for them, but here at Sholom, we strive to achieve this every day for the older people in our care. 

We have a variety of services available within our communities. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the needs of the older people in your life; let’s honor them together.