Edina MN Area Nursing Homes: Why They Might be Perfect for Your Senior Loved One

“Almshouses” were the early form of nursing homes we see today. These centuries-old homes gave hospitality to the sick, cared for the elderly, and provided shelter and daily meals.

Nowadays, senior care has evolved, but the core of the almshouses’ values and services remains in our nursing homes.

Transitioning to a senior care home near Edina can help ease the stresses that arise due to old age. Below, we go over some of the biggest benefits of living in a nursing home.

Community Activities

It’s important for seniors to have meaningful connections. Not only with their family members, but their peers as well. Being a part of a community that’s similar in age and life experience is a major benefit of choosing a senior care home.

Seniors can also participate in organized events. These let them maintain a balanced social life and involve light physical or cognitive activities.

Keeping your body moving as you age is important. Seniors who move regularly keep their body’s circulation systems healthy.

There are also events with seasonal themes. Winter activities involve activities like storytelling and gift-giving. During the summer, there might be more outings and events planned outdoors.

Housekeeping and Meals

One of the biggest reasons people choose assisted living for seniors is getting help with daily tasks that they otherwise might struggle with in their home in the Edina area.

Nursing home staff will take care of difficult cleaning tasks and laundry. Other daily tasks they assist with are:

  • Bathing and dressing
  • Taking medicine
  • Running errands
  • Using the restroom

It’s also important for seniors to get sufficient nutrition as they age. The kitchen staff carefully prepares a healthy and filling selection of meals for residents daily. They can also honor any special requests residents may have.

Taking meals together is also an important way for residents to bond with their peers. Nursing home staff encourage residents to eat in a communal space, but taking meals separately is also an option due to health needs or upon request.

Rehabilitation Services

Nursing homes are usually experts in post-hospitalization inpatient care. Before surgery, it’s important to know whether a nursing home classifies itself as “skilled.” A skilled facility only offers temporary housing and care – they’re not designed for residential living.

After surgery, they can help residents get back on their feet and manage difficult tasks. They also pay careful attention to any post-procedure medications and treatments. Some facilities have physical therapists that can help with movement recovery.

Staff will work with and train family members in areas of rehabilitative care. They’ll also give instructions upon discharge for adapting to life back in their residence.

Transitioning to a Nursing Home Near Edina

Choosing to stay in a nursing home near Edina can be a difficult decision. Whether it’s a temporary stay or more permanent, it can be a hard transition. Knowing about the benefits of assisted living can help you feel comfortable choosing it.

If you have any questions and would like to talk about care for your loved one, we’re here to help. Please contact us regarding your senior care needs.