Tips for 55 and Over Senior Living Near the Twin Cities, MN: Technology and Socialization for Seniors

As technology and our usage of new devices develops, seniors are increasingly spending their time watching television and using computers and smartphones. According to a report by Forbes, more than half of senior citizens’ leisure time is spent on electronic devices.

There are numerous advantages to helping seniors become technologically literate. Most of all, it allows for easy communication with friends and family near the Twin Cities.

In this article, we’ll share some of the most important ways that technology can help with 55 and over senior living, especially with socialization. Check out these tips to help your loved ones get better acquainted with technology.

Cell Phones

Cell phones make a great starting point for seniors, whether they’re living in assisted living facilities or in their own homes in the Twin Cities area. Nowadays, there are many options for cell phones that are tailor made for seniors.

These cell phones often contain features such as large screen displays and being waterproof and smash proof. They also have long battery lives, voice-to-text features, built-in emergency buttons, and more.

A cell phone is the easiest piece of technology to navigate if your loved one isn’t tech-savvy. They’re a great item to have in senior housing as they are easily portable, so they can be taken all around the facility for phone calls and texts.

Social Media

Going one step further than phone calls and text messages, social media is a wonderful way for seniors to stay in touch with larger groups of people. This can be extremely useful for those in independent living accommodation where isolation is a real concern.

Social media allows seniors to reconnect easily with old friends and distant relatives they may have lost contact with. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram also allow them to keep up with what their friends and family are up to.

This is wonderful stimulation for those in retirement communities. Seniors can share photos and updates of what their loved ones are up to.

Video Calls

Finally, another great way for those in senior living facilities near the Twin Cities to communicate with friends and family is via video calls. Unlike texts and phone calls, video calls do require a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Yet, the added benefit of seeing the person you’re speaking to cannot be overestimated. It’s the next best thing to seeing people in person.

Video calling has become much more intuitive in recent years. Zoom in particular has become a widespread platform during the coronavirus pandemic. Many seniors worldwide have mastered it in order to stay in touch with loved ones.

That’s How Seniors Can Get Engaged with Technology in the Twin Cities Area

Now that we’ve described the many ways that seniors can use technology to communicate and socialize with friends and family, you might want to consider your options. Tablets such as iPads are often a great choice as they have a large screen yet are still lightweight.

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