COVID-19 Testing

Dear Sholom residents, tenants, staff and families,

In keeping with our commitment to transparency, I wanted to provide an update regarding Sholom’s position in the fight against COVID-19.

We are changing the way we report our COVID-19 numbers. We want to provide the most accurate picture at each location and have determined that reporting active COVID-19 cases and recovered cases or those no longer needing isolation, would provide more clarity for our community. We are pleased that many of our residents have recovered and we believe you will find this method provides a more accurate view of our ongoing battle against the coronavirus.

At our Shaller Family Sholom East Campus in St. Paul there are eleven resident and one staff members with active, positive cases of COVID-19. Four resident deaths have been attributed to COVID-19 at Chapman Sholom Home East. Weinberg Apartments, Bentson Assisted Living and Phillips Center for Memory Care have no cases at this time. This Friday, June 5, all residents and staff at Chapman Sholom Home East and Bentson Family Assisted Living and Phillips Center for Memory Care will take part in broad-scale COVID-19 testing as part of Governor Walz’s plan.

At the Ackerberg Family Sholom West Campus in St. Louis Park, we currently have no active COVID-19 cases resident cases at Sholom Home West, Roitenberg Family Assisted Living, Hodroff Pavilion for Memory Care, Knollwood Place, Menorah West and Menorah Plaza. There is currently one staff member at Sholom Home West with active COVID-19 recovering at home.

On Saturday, May 30, Roitenberg Assisted Living and Hodroff Pavilion for Memory Care residents and staff were tested for COVID-19 and all results were negative. Roitenberg residents and staff will be tested again on June 6 and June 13 to be sure to identify any individuals have previously tested negative that may have turned positive. Sholom Home West residents and staff will be tested on June 11, 2020.

We welcome the statewide testing strategy focused on senior care. It is our belief our best defense against COVID-19 is regular, broad-scale testing as we are simply unable to contain what we do not know.

When other facilities have done broad scale testing, they have found 5-25% of their residents and staff to be asymptomatic and positive. This shows that people can be shedding the virus and not know they have it. This testing will enable us to proactively prevent asymptomatic spread of COVID-19, protecting the health and wellbeing for all at Sholom.

The new Stay Safe directive from Governor Walz takes initial steps to re-open Minnesota, but the spread of the COVID-19 virus is only anticipated to grow in the weeks ahead. Our mission to protect our residents and staff remains our priority. Because of the high risk to our residents, MDH has not lifted the visiting restrictions and are strongly encouraging anyone over 70 years old to continue isolating at home, wearing masks and social distancing as much as possible. Sholom’s visitor restrictions remain in place until further notice from MDH.

For our Adult Day program participants and Vitality Center Members, we are seeking clarification and guidance from the Minnesota Department of Human Services on how this new directive from Governor Tim Walz affects our ability to re-open our adult day centers and the vitality center. Until that is received, our adult day centers and the vitality center will remain temporarily closed.

Our priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy. We know these past few months have been especially challenging for you and your loved ones. If you have concerns, please let a team member know so we can connect you to one of us, spiritual care, your family, or whomever you’d like to speak with.

We’ll continue to update you and your loved ones throughout this process.

For the most up to date information, please refer to and click on the link: Sholom’s COVID-19 numbers.

With warmest regard for your health, safety and well-being, Thank you.

Barbara Klick, RN, MBA

Sholom CEO