Committee Mission

Sholom’s committees are made up of staff, board, and community members whom manage the affairs and further the purposes of each department or entity within the organization.

Budget and Finance Committee

The Sholom Community Alliance (SCA) Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for maintaining the fiscal stability and long-term economic health of SCA.  The Committee oversees that operating and capital budgets of SCA are supportive of and integrated with the long-range plans and mission of SCA.  The Committee also provides oversight of fiscal management and guidance to leadership responsible for day-to-day operations.

Executive Committee 

The Sholom Board Executive Committee shall have power to act only in the intervals between meetings of the Board and at all times shall be subject to the control of the Board.  In the event the Executive Committee takes an action pertaining to the special limitations on the Board found in section 3.15, the action shall be subject to Board approval as specified therein, unless the Board specifies the authority of the Executive Committee in advance, and specifies the conditions under which Board authority may be delegated.

Property, Building & Grounds Committee

The Sholom Board Property, Building and Grounds Committee works with Sholom management staff to:

  • Ensure that Sholom has the appropriate property, facilities, and grounds to serve our tenants, residents, clients, family members and our employees.
  • Develop and implement plans and policies for maintenance and improvement to all Sholom property, buildings and grounds to assure quality of design and construction and timely delivery according to Sholom Board approved project timelines.
  • Select architects, construction and project management companies to design and supervise the construction or alteration of physical facilities and landscape projects.
  • Make recommendations to Sholom Board regarding any permanent removal or replacement of any substantial physical facility.
  • Ensure safe and efficient movement of pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic through the Sholom campuses.
  • Facilitate other matters referred by the Sholom Board.

Quality Care Committee

The Sholom Community Alliance (SCA) Quality Care Committee is responsible for ensuring that quality of life, care and services are provided to all served within Sholom programs based on industry standards and regulations, best practice and continuous improvement across the care delivery systems in order to assist those we serve to live healthy.

Religious Affairs Committee

The Sholom Community Alliance (SCA) Religious Affairs Committee ensures that spiritual and religious needs are met in our Sholom Community Alliance community by providing support so that our Jewish participants may fully participate in Jewish life and that people of all religions may practice their faith traditions.

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committees are appointed for specific purposes and have a life limited to the duration of the project.