Comfort and Dignity: Your Guide to Planning End of Life Care in Crystal, MN

More than two million people on Medicare pass away every year. Roughly half of them pass away in a hospice facility, receiving end of life care

There are many misconceptions about what end of life care is. Planning can be difficult but knowing the truth can make the process easier. 

What are your options for end of life care for your aging loved ones? How can someone be involved in their own care?

The answers to these questions can help put your mind at ease when it comes to end of life care for your aging loved one in the Crystal area.

Consider Your Options

End of life care is a broad term that refers to the care given to a person as they are nearing death, which also includes hospice care. 

Hospice care comprises of treatments for a person after a doctor determines they have six months or less to live. The focus of hospice care is to relieve suffering, including psychological duress.

A person will not receive curative treatments, but doctors will try to keep them alive. If an individual’s health does improve, they can transition back to curative measures.

Seniors and their families and caregivers should talk to their Crystal area doctor about the different options they have for end of life care. They may want to start on treatments right away, and they can transition to hospice at a later date.

As time goes on, seniors can sign a document for a healthcare proxy. With a proxy, a family member of theirs would then make decisions for the senior if they become unable to do so.

An Individualized Care Plan

Doctors do everything they can to make end of life care individualized. Treatments should reflect a person’s beliefs, practices, and personality. 

For example, at Sholom we offer a wide range of services for those that have begun end of life care. Between pet therapy, music therapy, spiritual care, and even massage therapy, there is something that can help put anyone’s mind at ease as they live out the rest of their time in peace.

We also offer bereavement support for the senior’s family after they have passed away. End of life care is about easing pain for everyone involved, including the family.

The Essentials of End of Life Care for Crystal Seniors

Eventually, all of us will reach the ending point of our lives. When the time comes, wouldn’t you like to know that you and the people you love and care about are as pain free as possible? End of life care is an individualized treatment plan that is designed to make the remaining time of a person’s life as comfortable as possible.

If you are looking for end of life professionals in the Crystal area, we are here to help. Contact us today and begin a discussion about how we can make the end of your senior loved one’s life as comfortable as possible.