Best Balance Exercises for Seniors

Studies have shown that our coordination and ability to remain balanced decreases as we get older. This makes exercising and working out more important than ever for seniors.

Healthy senior living is about more than working out. It’s also about ensuring you’re doing the correct type of exercise. After all, if you are going to be doing all that hard work, you want it to be beneficial right?

Get ready to improve your flexibility and balance with these exercises from our expert in Mendota.

Tips to Get Started With Balance Training

Before you begin your journey to improve your balance in the Mendota area, there are some valuable tips we recommend you try. The first thing you need to do is find something that’s straight or pointed to focus on while doing these balance-centric poses.

It also helps if you keep your knees slightly bent while performing the movement. This will ensure that you don’t hyperextend your knee when doing the workout. It also provides more stability.

Over time as you become more comfortable performing each move, you can start looking in different areas or closing your eyes. Equipped with these tips, you can move on to checking out these balancing exercises.

Rock the Boat

When you’re doing the rock the boat balance exercise, the first step is to stand with your feet at least hip-distance apart. Lift your arms and hold them out to your sides.

Pick up either your left or right foot and bend at the knee. While bending your knee, bring your foot to the floor and repeat for three reps. Switch sides. 

Flamingo Stand

To do the flamingo stand, place all your weight on your right foot. Lift the opposite foot and extend it in front of you.

Hold your extended foot up for around 15 seconds and return your foot to the floor. Repeat this for three reps and then do the other side.

Tree Pose

If you’re into yoga, you can try performing the tree yoga pose. It’s a common pose used throughout yoga practice sessions. To perform this exercise, stand straight up and down and find something to focus on.

Lift either your left or right foot and place it against your ankle or thigh. You can put your hands in front of you or on your hip and hold the pose for one minute.

After the minute is up, shake your leg out and switch sides.


If you have a walker or chair, stand with both hands on some form of stability. Lift your knee until it’s at its highest and slowly lower it.

Alternate lifting your knees for a total of twenty reps. These exercises might be a part of things like aquatic therapy or others provided to seniors in assisted living facilities.

Balance Exercises for Seniors Near Mendota

We’ve created a list of balance exercises for seniors to practice that will help you increase your strength, balance, and flexibility. Each exercise is performed differently but will all be beneficial and are approved for senior living communities in the Mendota area.

***You should always consult with your physician before starting any exercise programs. This article is strictly informative. Sholom is not responsible for any injuries.***