Benefits of Living in an Assisted Living Community Near St. Paul

There are more than 800,000 Americans in assisted living facilities. Is your aging loved one getting ready to join them?

Many seniors are reluctant to move into residential assisted living communities because they worry that they’ll be giving up their independence. We’re here to talk about why that isn’t the case.

Let’s go over some of the top benefits of moving into an assisted living community near St. Paul.

Safety and Security

One of the top benefits of living in a residential assisted living facility is the increased level of safety and security. 

If your senior loved one still lives in their own private home in the St. Paul area, or even if they live with you or another family member, there are likely safety hazards around.

Things that were once safe, like stairs, can now cause dangerous accidents. Hallways and restrooms without handrails make day-to-day life riskier.

If your loved one is struggling with a condition like dementia, they may also be prone to wandering or forgetting their medication. In other words, the house is a hazardous place to be. 

All types of assisted living facilities are safe and secure. They’re accessible, and there’s always someone nearby who can help in the event of an emergency.

Socialization Opportunities

Did you know that isolation can be dangerous for seniors? It can lead to serious physical and mental health problems. Seniors often struggle with socializing, especially if they don’t live near friends or family members.

Seniors who no longer drive may have no way to interact with their loved ones in person or visit their friends. 

One of the benefits of residential assisted living communities is that there are neighbors within walking distance all the time. If your loved one feels lonely, new friends are only a few steps away.

There are also always caregivers around if your loved one isn’t feeling social but still needs a friendly face. 

A Healthy Lifestyle

Residential living facilities offer plenty of opportunities for your loved one to stay active and healthy in the St. Paul area.

There are healthy meals being prepared at all times, so your loved one doesn’t have to waste energy or time cooking. Fitness and wellness activities will keep your loved ones fit and active, even if they struggle with pain or poor mobility. 

More Free Time

Taking care of a home is a lot of work. Wouldn’t it be nice for the senior in your life to be able to sit back and relax instead of taking care of tasks like maintaining a yard, housekeeping, and cooking? 

In a residential assisted living community, they are free to focus on the things they enjoy. Whether they want to spend their time with hobbies, to learn new things, or just rest, they have that opportunity. 

Is it Time for Residential Assisted Living in St. Paul?

There are plenty of benefits of residential assisted living communities for the seniors in your life. They’ll have more free time, a healthier lifestyle, plenty of opportunities to socialize, and all of the safety and security that they need.

At Sholom, we have senior care campuses in both St. Paul and St. Louis Park that offer services for various levels of care. Contact us to learn more today.