Zelmer Schrell’s Sholom Story

We are featuring our resident’s stories and experiences at Sholom to showcase our commitment to quality care, compassion and community. This is Zelmer’s story of his experience at Sholom.

Hi, my name is Zelmer Schrell would you like to hear my Sholom story?

When they talk about the Sholom community, that's exactly what it is, a retirement home community of people from the Twin Cities. When I walked into this building five years ago, to move in 50, 60, 70% of the people I knew already because they were neighbors of mine or friends of mine from the city of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The staff helps with everything and does everything you’d want. And being a person that loves to be helped, I’m sorry I’m an individual that likes to be helped, they are there to help you and this is super.

There’re all sorts of combinations of people, oh yeah, we have fun times. There’s a lot of activities for you, so if you like staying active, there’s something that will be perfect for you. It’s just always positive, all positive. I watched it being built some 20-30 years ago, I lived in the neighborhood and watched a community come to this area and all of a sudden there is a home for people who need, really need someplace to go. It’s not just an old folks’ home, God forbid that, it is a strictly a home for community and the community is here to enjoy it.

That’s my Sholom story, you’ve got it, it’s all yours.

You can also watch Zelmer’s video here.