On January 30, 2017 our Senior Executive Team (SET) held a working session with our Sholom Board to refresh our Sholom strategic plan.  The 2017 – 2018 plan was finalized and approved at our March 27, 2017 board meeting. Here is a list of what was accomplished:

  • Updated mission statement to more easily explain why our organization exists. Our updated mission statement is:

“Sholom, in partnership with our community, supports adults in need across the continuum of care, to live life fully in a Jewish environment and where all are welcome.”

  • Developed a vision statement to describe the desired future state of our organization which was anchored by our values.  This essentially answers the question – where are we going?  Our vision statement is:

Everyone Deserves Sholom!
Sholom will be viewed as a preferred:

  1. Partner with adults in need of care and services
  2. Community resource
  3. Collaborator
  4. Employer of Choice

  •  Re-affirmed our Values of:  Care, Compassion and Community

Sholom’s Marketing and Communications Department is slowly making these updates throughout the campus and on our Sholom materials.

This information was included in our 2016 Community Report and can be found on pages 14-15.  More detailed information regarding goals and strategies in the strategic plan can be found here.

I look forward to partnering with you to bring our strategic plan to life. 

Barb Klick
Chief Executive Officer

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