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Sholom Safety and Security
By Barbara Klick, CEO and
Andrea Horvath, Director of Rehabilitation and Wellness

The safety and security of our residents, tenants, clients and employees are a top priority for Sholom.   In light of recent events, we thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the measures we are taking to ensure your safety.

In April 2017, Sholom engaged Rozin Security Consulting to conduct a security risk assessment at all Sholom locations.  Rozin Security Consultants reviewed our current security program, physical and technological design plans, conducted site assessments, and performed interviews. 

We are using the results of this survey to inform our security decisions.  For example, we know that deterring individuals with ill intent is critical.  To this end, we have added LED lighting at our Ackerberg Campus. The Shaller Campus recently added numbers to all exterior doors which was a recommendation from our law enforcement partners.

Access Control: The guest services team greets all visitors, asks them to sign in and wear visitor identification.  All front desks are also equipped with panic buttons that are hardwired to our local police departments.  Security camera images are also projected at various locations throughout Sholom. 

We also just finished updating the access control system at all campuses. This included adding additional badge readers to provide more security for each individual building. Access to the links between each building now requires a badge or fob.  We also have new color coded badges for employees, vendors, volunteers and visitors. 

Criminal Background Checks: In addition to criminal background checks for our Sholom employees, we will soon be requiring all privately employed individuals by our residents and tenants to also undergo a criminal background check. 

Training: Education and safety drills have always been part of our standard operations and annual education program. We now have a formal drill schedule for each building that includes “active shooter” education.  Sholom also partners with the Security team at the Jewish Community Relations Council for assessments, education and training.  

As funds become available, we will continue to make safety and security improvements at Sholom.   



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