Jill Fallin - Hospice Volunteer

Jill interviewed to be a hospice companion volunteer with the potential to also intern at Sholom Hospice in 2015. She is intelligent, outgoing, funny, interested in helping people in crisis and shows great compassion for seniors. Jill has worked as a CNA, TMA for memory care, trained fire fighter when she lived in Stillwater and a dive rescue member of Washington County. Right now she is in school working toward her masters of Gerontology and Aging. She has lost family members in recent years and believes in providing discerning care for the needs of patients, and providing high level of compassion for senior patients. She feels a strong desire to comfort and aid those going through their own life crisis.

When Jill was assigned her first hospice patient, it was a non-communicative gentleman, even though there were long moments of silence; they developed a form of communication they both could use. Jill made visits with her hospice patient from the time he was admitted until his passing and made a difference in his end of life. She did this all the while she was interning for the hospice department, learning how our department processes patients from the start of care, social contact, through care plans and therapies. She experienced it all and became more dedicated to continue on toward her goal of receiving her masters. She also continues to volunteer, work, care for her family and attend school. Bravo Jill!

For volunteer opportunities, please visit our Volunteer page at: http://www.sholom.com/about/volunteer.html  

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