A Faith-Based Retirement Community

For many people, religion is a lifelong commitment that doesn’t retire. This is why, for many seniors looking for care facilities, religion plays a factor in their choice. Many want to stay connected to their spirituality as much as possible as they receive the care they need as they get older. That’s where faith-based care facilities come into play. Seniors wishing to surround themselves with fellow faith-minded individuals can do so at a variety of retirement communities, and by doing so, they can keep active in both body and spirit.

Grounded in Judaism

For those of the Jewish faith, their beliefs span beyond the lines of religion. Their faith is a way of life and that is why it is important for so many to find Jewish-based senior care facilities. At Sholom, we understand that fact and do everything we can to allow their residents to practice their faith and take part in the rituals to which they are accustomed. The mission of many Jewish senior living centers, like ours, is to carry on the heritage of the Jewish religion.

Since Judaism is a way of life for many, we take this into account on a number of levels. First, we offer transportation to local synagogues for those who are able to get out. For those who cannot, a rabbi often comes in to worship with residents. Many of the Jewish faith also follow specific dietary restrictions that we take into account. Kosher foods are offered so that seniors can maintain the diets they may have been used to at home.

Good for All

Though we are grounded in Judaism, we consider the Jewish values of a meaningful life, compassion, choice and dignity to be general human values that are shown to all of our residents regardless of their faith. This is why Sholom is home to people of all different faiths and all faiths are welcome. Because people of all faiths are welcome, we offer Catholic services (including rosary and communion) and non-denominational services, in addition to Jewish services on our campuses weekly.

To learn more about Sholom and why it might be the place for you, please contact us today.