3rd Annual Employee Awards

On Monday, July 17th Sholom held it’s Annual Meeting.  That night 10 deserving Sholom Team Members were recognized for awards in the following categories: Caregiver of the Year, Leading by Example, Customer Service and Leadership in Action.  These honorees were nominated by residents, tenants, family members and colleagues and selected by a peer committee.  Over 50 team members were nominated!

Congratulations to Sholom’s Employee Awards Winners!


Jodie Heitman, Guest Services Coordinator, Sholom Home East –
Jodie came to Sholom in 2012. A family member who nominated Jodie
said, “Jodie is the smiling first face contact for me as a family member
when I come in. In the five years I have known her, she has always been
professional and cheerful. She even brings treats for our dog.”
To overcome her fear of public speaking, Jodie volunteered to become a
guest speaker about customer service for the Sholom Healthcare Academy
nursing assistant classes. She takes pride in making sure the printed
materials for Sholom students are the highest quality. Jodie often asks for
recommendations of leadership development books to read.

Nina Sinykin, Social Services Assistant, Sholom Home West –
With Sholom since 2006, Nina was nominated by several people. One
of them wrote, “Nina is able to stir up people’s interest and enthusiasm,
to make them wake up and come alive. Even if they are ill and feel down,
Nina is often able to find something to make them smile, sing along, and
dance. She consistently uses her knowledge and experience to solve
problems, helping residents feel less anxious, more comfortable, and
their families less worried. For Russian speaking people, she is a source
of information and encouragement, the person who listens, understands,
comforts, cheers up and entertains. She is organized, dependable and creative. She was
able to overcome many obstacles and get a special wheelchair for me, which allowed me
to attend the programs of my interest and to go outside on a good day. This drastically
enhanced my life since I was not able to do that for a long time.”

Karen Waldron, Hospice RN Case Manager –
Karen has been with Sholom since 2015. She was nominated by several team members, who
said, “Karen puts patients and families first on a daily basis. She is flexible
in her schedule, and ALWAYS makes sure she is meeting the needs of
patients, families, and internal and external customers. Karen has an
amazing heart, and truly exemplifies the Sholom mission and values.
She has provided census growth, and relationship building. Karen is often
mentioned in thank you cards from our families. She builds trust, and
is a PROUD team member who loves to teach and mentor our new
employees. She takes time to know the patients’ story, know the family, and be present
when the patient takes their last breath. She asks questions, listens, is sensitive, shows
respect and builds trust.”


Colleen Gabor, RN Education Specialist –
Colleen came to Sholom in 2015. She has a contagious passion for increasing the medical knowledge
of Sholom employees. Colleen is very mindful of those who require more
personalized mentoring and coaching and consistently provides that. She
is always proactively reaching out with strategic thoughts about how to
make something better, or catching something no one had on their radar
or had thought of that otherwise might have negative consequences. She
is professional, prepared, dependable, funny, and very organized. “Colleen
teaches with poise and a welcoming, attentive and thorough manner.”


Marla Goering, LPN, Shirley Chapman Sholom Home East –
Marla started working for Sholom in 2013. As a nursing assistant, Marla wanted to advance her nursing career and was awarded a Sholom tuition scholarship, studying to become an
LPN while working at Sholom. She was nominated for this award by the
family member of a resident who said, “Marla knows each resident and
their individual needs and treats them all with respect, a smile and a positive
attitude. She gets down to their eye level when she talks with them. My
mom has trouble taking meds and Marla finds ways to interest her in
accepting them. Being new in her LPN role, if I ask a question and Marla is
unsure she asks the charge nurse, which makes me comfortable. I know that when I am not
around my mom will be ok.”

Natalya Montik, Home Health Aide, Menorah Plaza –
Natalya has been with Sholom since 2010. Natalya’s clients ask when she will come to them again because
of her work ethic and the positive emotions she brings to them. The person
who nominated her wrote, “As a Lead HHA, I am very happy when Natalya
works during my shift. I know that the work will be done well, and that the
clients will be safe and happy because Natalya served them the best way.
She is a very kind and professional caregiver who gladly helps clients and coworkers
every time they ask. She is a detail-oriented, reliable team member.
She never refuses to do any kind of even the heaviest work.”

Ashley Mihoover, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, Sholom Home West –
Ashley has been with Sholom since 2015. She is known for her consistent positive attitude
around teammates and residents and for going out of her way to help
anyone who needs it. She asks her peers for advice so she can learn new
skills to use with patients, because she wants the best for them. “She is
always willing to teach new employees and students.”

Kenneitha Parson, Home Health Aide, Bentson Assisted Living –
Kenneitha joined Sholom in 2014. The resident who nominated her said, “Kenneitha visits me
right away when she starts work and tells me when she will be back again.
She checks in on me before she leaves. Kenneitha is pleasant, prompt, smiles
a lot and always asks what she can help me with. Then she does extra
tidying up, laundry or other tasks I don’t even ask her to do. This means a
lot to me.”


Rabbi Sheldon Bell, Pastoral Care Director – 
Rabbi Bell celebrating his 18th work anniversary (he came to Sholom in 1999). Nominated by four people, the
following was written about him, “Rabbi Bell is the life of annual inservice face-to-face
training this year. He took the challenge to heart of making training content educational
but fun and interactive, and created a game based on Jeopardy. Every time he presents,
there is full engagement, laughing and rave reviews about how participants learned and
enjoyed their time, including the healthy team competition and candy reward he sets up.
The fact that Rabbi makes our employees laugh while they are fully focused on learning
about Jewish culture, traditions and history means they return to work interacting with
our residents and families more knowledgeable and better able to demonstrate respect for Jewish customs.”

Cathy Zarske, VP of IT & Compliance – 
Cathy joined Sholom in 2008. Nominated by six Sholom employees representing multiple departments, here is what they had to say: “Cathy is such a pleasure to work with. She is kind,
respectful and appreciative of those around her. She sets an excellent example
for recognizing others’ hard work and generously gives handwritten thank you’s
or trinkets of recognition. Cathy has a huge job but is consistently the first to
volunteer to step in and go the extra mile to make a difference. She is attentive
and responds to needs quickly, going above and beyond. Cathy is living the
Sholom mission that “Everyone deserves Sholom.”


Anderson, Shannon
Busch, Anne
Catano, Elizabeth
Christen, Greta
Conley, Sarah
Crawford, Susan
Davis, Johndrea
Dworak, Josh
Dzajic, Almina
Espinoza, Rogelio
Halog, Romeo
Hammond, Nikia
Hedberg, Wendy
Hofschulte, Amy
Itskovich, Ellen
Jankauskiene, Daiva
Kassim, Suleka
Kennedy, Joyce
Khin, Nant
Knutson, Mary
Krykun, Natalya
LaVoi, Jennifer
Lawal, Adijat
Matykiewicz, Rosanna
McDonald, Jim
Mengesha, Saba
Rodewald, Lori
Scherado, Brenda
Shima, Sara
Smith, Tammi
Taylor, Regina
Thole, Ann
Tisdale, Jade
Tvenge, Raymond
Wollerman, Leanne
Yarns, Rose
Yusuf, Saida
All of 4th Floor Nursing Staff at Sholom Johnson Hospice – Shaller Campus
Entire Rehab Department at Shaller