2nd Annual Sholom Employee Award Winners

2016 annual team member excellence award winners:
Sholom is so excited to announce our 2nd Annual Employee Awards.  We have chosen 12 very deserving winners who were nominated by their peers.  It is important to note that each winner was nominated more than once – that speaks volumes to who they are as a person!

Sholom provides wonderful services to our senior community, but we all know those services could not be provided without the hard work and dedication of our employees.  We strive to not only meet the physical needs of our residents, but to provide care and compassion to meet their mental, emotional and spiritual needs.  We care for the whole person.

As Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”  I believe this a quote that all 10 of our honorees have taken to heart – they are so giving of themselves on a daily basis.

2016 Award Winners: Customer Service Excellence:

Betty Ann Baustert – Customer Service Excellence, west campus, 2006, Leasing Coordinator, KPA

“BettyAnn does a fantastic job keeping tenants well cared for. She is a strong advocate for them and makes their needs known. BettyAnn is dependable, always smiling, and energetic.  She and I were walking together when a tenant approached BettyAnn, hugged her, thanked her for all that she has done for he and his wife, and that her presence and work make him happy to live at Sholom.”  – Team member

Jordan Claflin – Customer Service Excellence, west campus, 2011, Nutrition Services Cook, MPA

“Jordan’s attitude is an example to all of us about the importance of being patient and kind to people, even when they are demanding.”– Team member

13 tenants wrote, signed and sent this to the Sholom administration: “The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the great work of Jordan Claflin. Day in and day out he displays extreme patience, kindness, softness and politeness. He makes our dining experience more enjoyable. We would like the administration to recognize his great work.”

Nary Heng – Customer Service Excellence, east campus, 2013, Dietary Homemaker, SHE

“Every day Nary adds her personal touch to meal service by giving great customer service to each resident. Residents tell me how much they love Nary. I have received calls from staff members about the personal care she gives to each person. She makes the meal service an enjoyable experience for all and has such a contagious smile as she takes time to get to know each individual as a person. Nary is a hard worker who demonstrates a positive attitude and is respectful to her coworkers. She remembers preferences and allows extra time with stroke patients to give them opportunities to express their wants verbally, with pictures or written choices. Everyone appreciates her smiling face as she does the little things like cutting fresh fruit and displaying it nicely on plates, adding extra sauce to moisten food, and greeting everyone by name.” – Team member

Kristin Holloway – Customer Service Excellence, east campus, 2014, Guest Services Receptionist, SHE

“I am so impressed with Kristin’s care of people. I have watched her operate the very busy phones with ease, courtesy, and knowledge of the facility, staff and policies. I personally have had to call her on occasion with questions and if she does not have an answer for me immediately she will find the answer and get back to me promptly. When someone needs help she stops what she is doing and helps immediately. She is professional in every way and a people-person who makes one feel comfortable. There is no better person I can think of to represent our facility and be the first person one sees when they enter but Kristin Holloway!” – Team member

2016 Caregiver of the Year:

Aggrey Siro – Caregiver of the Year, west campus, 2013, Home Health Aide- Memory Care, RFAL

“Aggrey is an amazing aide! He truly treats my parents with a great deal of respect and compassion. We can count on Aggrey to help in any way he can, and he will always follow through with requests we have made. It is extremely reassuring to know Aggrey is taking such wonderful care of my parents. I know my parents are comfortable with him, and they appreciate his respect, kindness and his attentive nature. We appreciate all he does.” – Family member

Pamela Ulseth-Gusdal – Caregiver of the Year, west campus, 2004, Music Therapist, KPA

“Pam is patient, kind, and takes time to really get to know residents and family members across the whole campus. She doesn’t hesitate to help them out and make a difference in their life. She is fun to be around, always positive, and I always look forward to working with her. She is committed to the team and has been dedicated to Sholom for many years. Her positivity and smile are contagious!” – Team member

Eric Moderski – Caregiver of the Year, east campus, 2015, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, SHE

“Eric helps patients maintain their level of independence which they have worked so hard to gain in therapy. Eric always brings a positive attitude and a smile to work, ready to make a difference as he interacts with coworkers and residents. He has been a tremendous help to rehab patients as he eagerly offers and commits to helping them with their exercise programs once their therapy is completed. Eric goes above and beyond the realm of customer service. He does whatever it takes to assist in making sure patients’ emotional wellbeing is in a good place.  For a patient’s anniversary, on Eric’s day off, he came in and set a romantic table for 2, then served the couple a special meal. They were so happy!” – Team member

2016 Leadership in Action:

Shelley Arumba – Leadership in Action, east campus, 2015, Director of Nursing, SHE

“Shelley impacts the residents/patients and their families by showing that she is right there, always available, and cares about them. She shows the staff that she wants the best for them, encourages them to excel and to be proud of what they do, and is not above helping out anywhere that is needed. She spends long hours making sure she is on top of things meeting with residents and families, solving staffing issues, and doing it all with a smile. Shelley is pleasant, helpful, innovative, engaged and invested in doing the right thing. She has made a positive change and impact at the Shaller campus.” – Team Member

Paula Castle – Leadership in Action, west campus, 2014, Director of Housing, RFAL

“Paula always goes above and beyond. She will help out in any area. She always makes time to listen to staff, residents, guests and family members, who frequently say ‘I can always count on Paula’. She is always kind, compassionate and willing to help, which makes a huge impact. She is very well liked and is wonderful to everyone. In a short period of time Paula has increased census, improved customer relations, partnered with leaders to promote a culture of excellence and value, and supported residents and families. Paula has done this with an eye on staff development and program enhancement.  Every day I see her Paula has a smile on her face and a can-do attitude. She FULLY embraces our PROUD philosophy and I find my energy is lifted just being in her presence.” – Team member

2016 Leading by Example:

Sandra Carlson – Leading by Example, west campus, 2016, Nutrition Services Aide – Prep Cook, SHW

“Right from my first day at Sholom, Sandra put effort in to get to know my name, ask me how my day is going, and remember my preferences when I order lunch at the deli. She is a rock star at her job and never fails to serve everyone with a big smile on her face and a story to share. Sandra is flexible and willing to do what it takes to ensure customer satisfaction. She is the face service excellence here at Sholom. I see her go the extra mile every day. On one occasion I saw Sandra coaching and encouraging a new team member, ensuring he was doing his job correctly, while offering positivity every step of the way.” – Team member

Tanya Baumgardner – Leading by Example, west campus, 2005, Home Health Aide – Home Care, MPA

“Clients request Tanya, because they know she will meet their needs in a professional way with a kind attitude. Tanya works well with all staff and always has Sholom in mind. She is always willing to train in new staff and show them the ropes. She always tries to make sure there will be a good outcome to any situation. I always appreciate when Tanya is on duty because I know things will be handled well, and that she will reach out with any question or notification as appropriate.” – Team member

Madeline Joyce – Leading by Example, east campus, 2012, Licensed Practical Nurse Coordinator – Home Care, BAL
“Over the years, Madeline has grown as a nurse and a leader at Bentson. She sets an example for the team and is ready to learn in every situation. Madeline has pushed herself to grow and has looked for opportunities to improve things for Sholom, the clients, the families and the staff. Madeline sets high expectations for herself and sets that example for her team. Her willingness to push herself and her desire for good outcomes has made an impact for Sholom Bentson Family Assisted Living. Madeline makes sure she is available to step in when needed and has formed great bonds with many of our tenants. Madeline is a wonderful asset to Sholom and as a caregiver she is one of the most nurturing, attentive, gentle and lead-by-example kind of person! She will undoubtedly be an example for those she works with and for those to follow her footsteps.” – Team member

Nominees for 2016 annual team member excellence awards:

Nomination received for All HHAs and NARs:

“I could never nominate just one NAR or HHA. They all need to be recognized for their hard work!  They are the front door to Sholom. If the tenants or families are happy with their services, they are happy with Sholom. A smile, a hug, or just a friendly “hello” goes a long way with people. It is hard having to move a parent or loved one to a higher level of care or moving away from one’s children and not knowing a soul. Our staff are good at comforting both tenants and families, helping those who used to be independent and strong to keep their dignity. They are the eyes and ears for our nurses. Working together is so important, as is having empathy for all tenants, coworkers and families. I can honestly say I am PROUD to work with the staff that I do, as they are definitely the true meaning of PROUD!” – Sholom LPN, team member

Individual Nominees:

  1. Angela Sims
  2. Talie Geretz
  3. John Steger
  4. Susan Crawford
  5. Barbara Mason
  6. Dorica Omurwa
  7. Heather Odenthal
  8. Moustafa Nawar
  9. Arlene Martin
  10. Kelly McCormick
  11. Anna Greenberg
  12. Loa Yang
  13. Sarah Conley
  14. Sheryl McCormick
  15. Linda Johnson
  16. Kristi Zellmann
  17. Lynda Harmon
  18. Michael DeGroot
  19. Samba Mansaray
  20. Jessica Wall
  21. Barbara Cieminski
  22. Ruth Akale
  23. Ashley Johnson
  24. Barbara Hickman
  25. Colleen Gabor
  26. Amy Hofschulte
  27. Barbara Evertz
  28. James McDonald
  29. Carol Randle
  30. Amber MacKenzie
  31. Logan Weitzenkamp
  32. Jennifer Schroeder
  33. Jodie Heitman