2016 Susie Selcer Award Winner

Honoring Carole Davidson
2016 Susie Selcer Award Winner

For over twenty years, Carole has volunteered in some capacity at Sholom.  Joining the Sholom Auxiliary Board several years ago, Carole has chaired many Sholom Ball and Food For Your Soul annual fundraisers, the annual fashion shows, and Mother’s Day Teas.  She has served on service-to-residents committees and volunteered at the annual Israeli Scouts event.  She could even be found volunteering in the Stanley & Barbara Cohn Gift Shop at Sholom West for many years, especially those years when her mother resided at Knollwood Place and Sholom Home West.  When Carole found out how much her mother enjoyed the musical entertainment programs, she established a Sholom Auxiliary Endowment Fund in memory of her husband, Stephen Davidson that provides annual support for special Sunday music programs at Sholom Home West.

Carole is committed to many other organizations in the greater community as well, and even continues to volunteer when wintering in Florida at the new senior center in Naples.

Carole’s commitment to both the Jewish and secular communities emulate the spirit of the Susie Selcer Volunteer Leadership Award of which she so deserves.

Susie Selcer Leadership Award

Susie Selcer was an essential part of the history and future of Sholom, Sholom Foundation and Sholom Auxiliary.  In order to commemorate Susie’s special place in our hearts and honor her tremendous contributions to our organizations and the community-at-large, the Susie Selcer Leadership Award was established in her memory.  This award pays tribute to individuals whose work within the Sholom organizations and the greater community exemplifies the outstanding leadership, integrity, spirit, and tzedekah of Susie Selcer.