10 Ways Sholom Residents are Conquering Quarantine

During these times of social isolation, it is absolutely essential to keep ourselves occupied with stimulating and healthy activities that keep us connected. Our residents have not only kept themselves busy, they’ve been facing isolation head on with tons of activities and conquering quarantine!

Note: All activities shared in this article took place in accordance with social distancing rules, a matter that Sholom Home takes extremely seriously. Learn more about Sholom’s COVID-19 response measures HERE.

1.  Family Skype Connections – Residents have been connecting with loved ones over video thanks to the use of our Skype carts! They were even able to get creative and celebrate Passover. Jack says he was “Beyond blessed that staff was able to make this happen!”

Family Skype Connections

Family Skype Connections

2.  Remote Controlled Cars – Residents enjoyed cruising remote controlled cars through the halls of Sholom! Several said it “made me feel young again!”

Remote Controlled Cars

Remote controlled cars

3.  Virtual Reality – Virtual reality was a hit! Residents took a tour of Buckingham Palace, enjoyed the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans, and listened to a performance from the Berlin symphony.

Virtual reality

4.  Outdoor time with power tools:  Residents were able to spend some time outdoors, using power tools and even sanding a picture frame!

Outdoor time with power tools

5.  #WorldofHearts Movement – Residents joined in on the #WorldofHearts movement, cutting out colorful paper hearts and displaying them in windows as a display of solidarity, during this time of social isolation.

#WorldofHearts Movement

6.  Outdoor concert with singer Gary LaRue: Residents were treated to a live outdoor concert from crooner Gary LaRue! Staff + Residents sang along and waved to Gary through the windows, enjoying some much needed entertainment!

Outdoor concert with singer Gary Larue

7.  Hallway Bingo – Bingo! Residents enjoyed several games of hallway bingo at a safe distance.

Hallway Bingo

8.  Traveling Beer + Wine Cart – Residents were able to kick back and enjoy beer, wine and snacks from our traveling beer and wine cart!

Traveling Beer + Wine Cart

9.  Speaking native language – Some of our foreign language speaking residents used a Pocketalk translator devices to speak their native language with staff!

Speaking native language

10.  Enjoyed Fresh Flower Deliveries + Crafting! – Trader Joe’s generously donated flowers to brighten our resident’s day, and residents spent time coloring, making things, and playing games!

Enjoyed Fresh Flower Deliveries + Crafting